Week 2 Update & Membership Info

Brewster’s OPEN and we are loving it! The mountain’s are greening up, the grass is growing, and we are now into a full mowing cycle, a constant joy for both Jon & Pat. The Green Mountain Disc Golf Club has scheduled their annual GMPS event at Brewster and the course will be tournament ready this weekend! That means all Out-of-Bounds lines will be marked, all baskets will be in tourney locations, and the course will be lookin’ buff! This event is already over 1/2 full. We’ve seen a run on tourney registration recently of over 60+ in a matter of hours with the GMC, so if you are interested in playing the BRO; sign up today! REGISTER FOR THE B.R.O.

The approach to the green of hole #4, bathed in evening sunlight.

The approach to the green of hole #4, bathed in evening sunlight.

MEMBERSHIP INFO: Purchase your 2015 membership HERE!

For all you aspiring Brewster members out there, we have our Pass Store up and running and are now accepting online registration for memberships. Becoming a member is a great choice for anyone planning on playing Brewster Ridge 10 times or more this season. Not only do you get free play across all 36 holes at Smugglers’ Notch, but you get a special Member Mini, a Bag Tag/Pass complete with your photo, 10% off in our pro shop (which you can use to pay off your membership!) and special priority for all 2016 event registration! Membership costs $65.00 through Memorial Day, so get moving! The price jumps to $75.00 after the holiday. We also have a special youth rate of $40.00 that jumps to $50.00 after Memorial Day. Minis and Bag Tags should be in at the start of June!

Get out there and throw!


B.R.O. III Registration Open!

The Brewster Ridge Open, our annual first event of the year is now open for registration. The event will take place on Sunday, May 31st and will run from 8am to about 4pm. The B.R.O. is an event tailor-made for disc golfers of every age and skill-level. We offer both men’s and women’s divisions, divisions for recreational – pro level players, and age protected divisions for juniors and for golfers 40+ and 50+. There will be a BBQ lunch on-site for $10. Prizes for winners and a free raffle for everyone. A tourney t-Shirt is included for all amateur divisions!


Register today! Spots are filling up and we will only accept 72 golfers!



Opening Day Thoughts & Projections

May is fast upon us, and many courses are opening across the state of Vermont. On top of that, the daily disc golf media bombards us with news of tournament results and beautiful spring pictures of a slowly greening world. Here in Northern Vermont, and in particular at higher elevations, disc golf season is just not yet upon us yet. Each year I am tormented between wanting to open the course for that long awaited first round at Brewster, and doing what’s best for the course and it’s natural environment.

It's mud season, yo!

It’s mud season, yo!

Inevitably, we choose to err on the side of patience. Letting our soil thaw, drain, and settle not only pays off with less work in the long run, but feels more respectful in a strange way. Trampling and tearing up the ground that we work so hard to make durable against heavy use just doesn’t seem right. We also take a tremendous amount of care and pride in the presentation of our course to all of its users. It doesn’t thrill me to think about someone playing in and around all of the tree damage that we’ve had this winter (it thrills me less when we get course reviews when the course is closed!).

So we wait. We watch the weather. And we wonder – which is most likely what has spurred most readers to check out this post – when will the course be ready!? Well, I’ve been monitoring conditions for the past few weeks, and the one thing I do know is there is A LOT of work to be done. We had a day so windy this past Friday it literally blew fairly new shingles off of my roof! It also took down about 4-5 more large trees on Brewster. Most notably the right most guardian tree of the 15th green. Sad, but true.

The type of beautifully maintained fairway that inspires golfers to avoid poaching pre-season.

The type of beautifully maintained fairway that inspires golfers to avoid poaching pre-season.

However, starting Monday, we get Jon and Pat back (!) and we’ll all be getting after it – clearing the dead-fall, chipping and picking up sticks, seeding and haying, cleaning drainage ditches, making new ditches, re-adhering tee signs, etc. Combined with help from Mother Nature, we anticipate opening Brewster Ridge Disc Golf for the season on Sunday, May 10th! This, mind you, is a tentative date and if all looks promising we will announce a confirmation of that date during the first week in May.

One date that I can announce, is that on Saturday, May 9th we’ll be having a work & play day. I feel comfortable enough that the course will be able to handle a limited load of traffic by then that anyone who comes out to help in the morning, will get free play in the afternoon. More info on this will be released during the run-up to the weekend such as tasks, hours, BBQ potential, etc…but for now, put it on the calendar and get excited! Check back Friday for 2015 pricing and membership news! Warm up those arms and don’t poach pre-season!