Disc Golf Camps & Clinics

Please call 802-644-8523 to register! 2016 program information to be updated in March 2016!

Disc Golf Camp Tuesday – Thursday – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Ages 9-17 years. Try out the fastest growing sport in the country!

This three-day program will leave campers eager for more, and includes their own discs and information about local courses to continue play once they return home. Set on one of the nation’s finest courses, the Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course, with a curriculum designed by Vermont’s reigning disc golf champion Jeff Spring. Every student will have fun, improve, and learn valuable concentration and focus skills while spending time in the woods.

$219 per person for 3-day program, $79 per person for single day program. Includes instruction, equipment, and lunch. Disc Golf Camp is INCLUDED with the Adventure Connection Package. FamilyFest Package guests take 25% OFF.

Family Disc Golf Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday – 10:00 am

All ages. Disc Golf (or Frisbee Golf) is fun for the whole family! Play a guided round on our Village 9 Disc Golf course with one of our coaches leading the way. The whole family will have fun learning about the rules, etiquette, history of the game and how to play as you move through the course.

$25 per family up to five people. Rentals included. Meet at the Bike Shop @ Sir Henry’s.

Disc Golf for Beginners – Monday – Thursday – 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

A fun and informative hour-long session for all ages on the basics of Disc Golf on our Village 9 disc golf course. Lead by a personable coach, participants learn about the different types of discs, how to throw, and the rules of the game, leaving with the skills to keep playing!

$10 per person, per session. Discs provided. Meet at the Bike Shop @ Sir Henry’s.

Guided On-Course Clinic –Wednesday – Friday 10am-12pm

Ages 9 & Older. Join one of our experienced disc golf guides for a fun round on our beautiful Brewster Ridge Disc Golf Course. Guests will have fun and improve their game with tips and instruction during this relaxing 2-hour session.

$25 per person, per session. Discs provided. Meet at the Brewster Ridge Pro Shop.

Private Lessons – by appointment

Head out for a fun round with a disc golf pro! Whether you want to learn about the course with the help of a guide, get instruction to improve quickly, or work on a specific disc golf skill – this program is for you!

Ages 10 & under must be accompanied by an adult.  $25 per person, per hour. $40 per person, full round. Up to 4 people in a group. Discs provided.