Smugglers’ Notch is a virtual water playground.

Smugglers' Summer Pool Report

Daily Pools and Waterslides Update from Smuggs

During our Summer Season, we offer 8 heated pools, 4 waterslides, 2 hot tubs, splash pools and a mountain reservoir hideaway. June 5 - September 7, 2015.

Report Date: September 18, 2014
Report Time: 9:33 am
Pool, Waterslide & Hot Tub Count: 5 out of 14
Today's Weather Forecast
Today: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 54.
Fri: Sunny, with a high near 57.
Sat: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 65.
Today's Water Safety Tip
Be courteous. Our pools are popular. Little kids are splashing about everywhere! Make sure you watch out for other swimmers. You don't want to have an aquatic collision!
Today's Pool Events
The Mountainside Water Playground is now open daily 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.
 Mountainside Pool Area
Open  Pools Water Temp
Open Mountainside Pool 88°F / 31°C
Open Little Smugglers' Lagoon 80°F / 27°C
Open Turtle Pool 88°F / 31°C
Waterparks and Pools
Open  Waterslides Water Temp
Open Giant Rapid River Ride 80°F / 27°C
Open Turtle Mini-Waterslide 88°F / 31°C
 Notchville Park
Open  Pools Water Temp
Lily Pad Pool 85°F / 29°C
Sugar Shack Pool 85°F / 29°C
Cascade Pool 85°F / 29°C
Splashville 85°F / 29°C
Waterparks and Pools
Open  Waterslides Water Temp
Twister Waterslide 85°F / 29°C
 Rum Runners' Hideaway
Our rustic mountainside reservoir is only accessible by hiking and features an Aqua Jump, Fidget Ladder, Canoe & Paddle Boat rentals, fishing and swimming.
Waterparks and Pools
Open  Water Temp
75°F / 24°C
 Courtside Pool at SmuggsCentral
Open  Pools & Hot Tubs Water Temp
Courtside Pool 88°F / 31°C
Courtside Hot Tubs 102°F / 39°C
Waterparks and Pools
Open  Waterslides Water Temp
Flume Waterslide 80°F / 27°C

Please bring your own towels to all of our World of Water locations.
These facilities may be temporarily closed during unfavorable weather conditions.
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