Black Snake Blues

Jan, 14, 2014 AriannaRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Let me clarify that skiing NEVER gives me the blues, on the contrary, it always makes me happy. But I’ve never understood why this intermediate blue trail was called Black Snake. Come to find out, there was a ship called the Black Snake that sailed Lake Champlain smuggling goods between the U.S. and Canada during the Embargo of 1807. I get the Smugglers’ connection, and maybe it’s the suggestion of a ship on a calm lake that inspired this fun-but-not-expert trail to get its blue designation. Anywho, I got to take my yearly run with Arianna (Angie from Wyndham gets to ski with her tomorrow) on Black Snake and we skied our blues away.

P.S.  Black Snake info from the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.

P.P.S. When you drag the cursor over the title ‘Black Snake Blues’ it turns from black to blue

Rockin' Ron

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