Pipeline is a GAS, naturally!

Jan 21, 2014 Ryan on PipelineRockin’ Ron for Hugh.  It helps to know people in the know.  Hugh called me this morning and told me the snow was sweet but squeaky, and that skiin’ would be freaky. Then I got the word from Eli in Patrol that Pipeline was his pick, and oh-my-my, it was sick. Eli don’t lie. Round the way I met Mark from VA. We grabbed some grub at Green Peppers then grabbed some runs with Ryan and Justin – his sons. We found some pockets of pow on Pipeline, and I found Ryan for this picture of mine. Then Patrol dropped the rope on Highlander Glades and we dropped in unafraid. Hope you haven’t found these rhymes too grating but today was crisp and clear and invigorating.

Rockin' Ron

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