Highlander Glades


blade blogThe forecast called for 4 to 6 inches of new snow today. We received an inch of new snow overnight. One of the great things about getting a snow storm during the day is that the conditions just keep getting better. As the snowfall totals went up so did the trail count. We opened Drifter for the first time this season, so I just had to ski it. We also opened Shuttle. I love the steep pitch on Shuttle and I found some nice powder on skier’s left. The lower section of Shuttle is not as steep as the top and usually holds snow very nicely. This section does not get hit by the wind much so; the snow stays light and fluffy. I would stay in someone else’s tracks to build up speed and then shoot into the deep powder which would slow me down again. I continued to play this game the rest of the way down Shuttle. I headed up Sterling next where I ran into Snow Sport University Instructor Blade and his class. They were enjoying the powder in Highlander Glades and so was I. Blade is pictured here having fun in the trees.

Hugh Johnson

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