Ski-lightful und Snowboard-dacious


Feb 11, 2014 Upper DrifterRockin’ Ron for Hugh. 5 year old Rebecca from CT said “Walk on, Walkin’ Juan”. Molly from SSU said her new favorite word “Fab-u-loso”. Shay from SNAP essayed “awesome-possum”. Peter from F-L-A boasted “beaut-o-mous”. Marcela from Wyndham offered “feliz-tastic”. Well, after skiing on Upper Drifter (pictured here – looking up from the first hairpin turn) I wanted to shout “splen-diferous, shred-alicious, and un-be-flyin’-lievable”!!! I love Upper D and today reminded me of my second year at the Resort (back in the 90’s) when I had a GREAT day with Stacy from IT and two other co-workers. You can quote me as saying “ski-lightful und snowboard-dacious”.

Rockin' Ron

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