Molly Rowlee Rail Jam


Molly Rail jam.JPG blogThe Rail Jam today was to benefit the Molly Rowlee Fund, which supports families with children who are undergoing treatment for cancer. It was snowing pretty hard and the snowflakes were huge. The new snow was a little sticky which slowed the down the skiers and riders. Ray Wells and Rick Witham were raking the new snow out of the way to allow the competitors more speed to hit the different features. Mike McAdoo did a great job setting up the rails for different ability levels. The easier rails were on rider’s right and the harder rails were on rider’s left. One rail that I really liked was called the swing set, which is pictured here. It’s a rainbow rail that is wide at the bottom and thin at the top. It was so much fun to watch the skiers and riders get creative with this feature. One snowboarder did not have enough speed to get up and over so they reached down to pull themselves to the top of the rail. The Jam had a great vibe with pink bikinis, a pink tutu, pink mustaches, pink jackets, pink pants, pink hats and even a pink scarf to show support for cancer awareness. I want to thank the Manning Family for all they do to support wonderful events like this one. This rail jam really was a good time for a great cause!

Hugh Johnson

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