Summer’s hard work supports Winter fun

It’s been a busy summer in Mountain Operations. Probably the biggest news on the mountain is snowmaking: this summer, for the third year in a row, Smuggs purchased another batch of new tower guns!

These guns are from two different manufacturers and are energy efficient, meaning they need less air to make snow. This will allow us to make more snow with the air capacity that we currently have. Efficiency Vermont provided a really great incentive plan this year which helped us to purchase the quantity of tower guns that we did this summer. We will be adding 120 more HKD Impulses, one more HKD Fan Gun and 36 Snow Logic Tower Guns. They will join our current fleet of 250 tower guns that we have purchased over the last two years.

We’ll be receiving the guns this fall to install for the start of the 2014-2015 winter snowmaking season; in fact, delivery may occur as soon as next week. The drilling rig that drills holes for the posts that the tower guns sit on has already completed the holes for the new posts. We’re excited to add to our fleet given the great performance of the guns added over the last two seasons. The high efficiency guns yield faster terrain coverage and quick refreshing of trails for the best possible onslope experience.

Our brush crew will be starting trail clean-up in early September. All part of winter prep!

Stacy Maynard

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  1. Greetings wonderful people of Vermont’s coolest resort!

    Rick here from LI…and we are so ready to come up to see all of you again this year. The ski camp for the kids (my son still mentions it to me even in the summer) will be ready for two out of three from my family! The wife and I ….still green trailers but, this year I’m going to the top of Madonna!
    We’re glad that improvements are in the works to make SMUGGS even better!
    See you all when the snow starts to fall!
    Rick from LI

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