Spring Air


nateSpring is finally here and we have fantastic coverage. It was another bluebird day with bright sunshine and a high of 48 degrees. Our groomers were busy last night making us 180 acres of corduroy. Groomed trails will soften quicker because of the tilled snow. The warm air can get into tilled snow and soften the surface. Drifter was groomed last night and it’s in great shape. I skied it a few times enjoying the corn snow and great views. I ran into my good friend Nate on Sterling Mountain in the afternoon. We had a great time skiing Upper Exhibition as you can tell by the photo of the Nate seen here.


Birch Run Terrain Park


360.JPG blogWe received 4 inches of new snow on top last night. We also received some sleet, freezing rain, and rain. Most of the day was just cloudy and the bottom half of the mountain has some nice spring conditions. My son Hugh B and I had a great time doing laps in the Birch Run Terrain Park. The spring conditions made for some nice soft landings off the jumps.


Andy having fun on Full Nelson


andy full nelsonWe received 3 inches of new snow on top in the past 24 hours. We had some mixed precipitation and rain at lower elevations. The new snow is wet and heavy so it sticks to everything. I had a great time skiing with my good friend Andy today. We skied Madonna liftline from the top down to Freefall and it has great coverage. Freefall was also open from the top and skiing well. We then turned into the Black Hole for some glade skiing. The new snow is heavy but fun!


Tony enjoying the great conditions


tony blogThe cooler temperatures have kept the snow light and fluffy. The wind has moved some of the snow around to fill in the low spots. The glade skiing and riding is wonderful with great coverage and light snow on top. It’s been a few days since we received any new snow but I am still finding some fresh turns in the woods.


The view from the top of Drifter


drifter.JPG blogToday was another amazing day here at Smuggs. We had partly sunny skies with a high of 28 degrees. Now that it’s spring the sun is higher in the sky. I skied Freefall from the traverse and had a great time chasing my shadow down through the bumps. We received 19 inches of new snow in the past 6 days and the glades are wonderful.


Another beautiful day


chilcoot snowy.JPG blogThe sun almost felt as good as the soft snow under my skis today. We received 19 inches of new snow in the past 5 days. We are 100 percent open with all 78 trails open. I had a great time today carving up the corduroy. I also enjoyed the deep fluffy stuff that I found in the glades. The views from the Madonna I chair lift were also hard to beat.


US AirBag Demo and Tour


Airbag blogI had a great time today in the Zone Terrain Park watching skiers and riders flying through the air. The jump was pretty big at 14 feet tall and 45 degree take off. The air bag allowed people to try new tricks with out worrying about the landing. The weather was wonderful with bright sunshine. Speaking of wonderful, the conditions are just fantastic. We have powder and packed powder on top of a deep base. We are 100 percent open with all 78 trails open.