The Road to Mama

Apr. 11, 2014 Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. From Jeffersonville take Route 108 South and that will bring you home. Madonna Mountain  (aka the Mother) will be open for skiing and riding this weekend! Who says your mama don’t love you?

P.S. I know I’m not alone in thinking that when you drive up a mountain you should be heading North. Let me know if you agree.


Shake it up and FIZZ!


Feb 4, 2014 Fletch n HokieRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Shake it up and FIZZ is not a recipe for a cocktail but how Fletch states his trail pick. That’s ironic because Fletch is the bartender in the Black Bear Tavern at the Base Lodge. The trail he’s referring to is Upper F.I.S. aka Fizz, which is intoxicating in its own way. After cruising down the upper part of Upper F.I.S., I tend to turn onto lower Doc Dempsey’s aka Doc’s, but Fletch said let’s stay on Fizz. So I cancelled my Doctor’s appointment, and we shook it up and fizzed some more. By the time we reached Link, I felt like a drunken sailor but without the rum. Pictured on top of the snow-covered Madonna Mountain prior to fizzing, are the aforementioned Fletch, and Hokie one of our Shuttle Drivers.

Elsewhere around the Resort, I saw the Hogans and the Coadys – families from Canada who vacation here together. In an interesting twist, the kids are skiers and the dads are snowboarders. Skyler, one of the young boys, had a chance to become a boarder but decided against it because he would have to wait until he was good enough to go on some of his favorite trails like Smugglers’ Alley. In fact, Skyler told me his goal this week was to ski Upper F.I.S. for the first time. To quote Fletch “Shake it up and FIZZ!”


Essex High School Winter Carnival


Essex race blogToday was a great day for a ski race. There were many racers and many spectators. It was wonderful to see so much support for the racers. The race today was a slalom race on Lower FIS. I like the way Lower FIS has big rollers. The racers had to nail the gates on the steeper section to carry their speed on to the flatter sections. I had a good time watching these young athletes representing their different High Schools. Thank you to everyone who helped with the race.


Race training on the Practice Slope


st. mikeThe Practice Slope was pretty busy today. There was a High School Winter Carnival GS race on Black Snake, Snake Bite, and Practice Slope. These brave racers were working hard to get around the gates on the steep pitch of Snake Bite. Snake Bite can be intimidating, especially when there are gates. The Carnival continues tomorrow with a slalom race on Lower FIS. I headed to the Zone after the GS race. There are 8 jumps in the Zone Terrain Park. I had fun watching the skiers and riders flying through the air. The far skier’s left side of Practice Slope had a race course. Saint Michael’s Race Team was here at Smuggs running slalom gates. The photo seen here is one of the racers hitting one of the slalom gates.


Powder Day


 powder and trees blog

We received 13 inches of new snow in the past 2 days! The new snow is light and easy to ski or ride through. Upper FIS was groomed last night, so it was smooth with about 6 inches of new snow on top. My skis were carving on the corduroy while the fluffy snow was flying around my boots and lower legs.


Upper FIS


Jan. 10, 2014 harley blogMy wife Harley and our youngest daughter Hayleigh went skiing together this morning. Hayleigh really enjoyed the magic carpet at Sir Henry’s and riding on the Mogul Mouse Magical Lift. Hayleigh was starting to get tired, so Harley took her to Treasures for her lunch and a well deserved nap. While Hayleigh was napping, Harley and I were skiing on the Upper Mountains. We had a great time on Madonna and Sterling. We skied Upper FIS for our last run and it was the best. Our snowmakers had just put down a nice new surface for our skiing and riding pleasure.


Happy Holidays!

Dec. 25, 2013 blogToday was cold, clear, and calm. The clear skies last night allowed the temperature to drop. The sunshine warmed things up a little bit throughout the day. We have been making snow around the clock on Log Jam and Midway. The Morse Highlands lift opened today. We now have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 6 lifts operating. Upper F.I.S. was groomed last night. I had a great time skiing it with my friend Paul pictured here.


Carter does not need reindeer to fly!


Dec. 21, 2013 Carter Snow blog

I was riding the Madonna I chair lift this morning when I saw my friend Darrin. He was skiing with his daughter Kendall on Lower Madonna Liftline. They told me that they had just skied Upper F.I.S. and it was really good. They said that playing on the snowmaking whales was a bunch of fun. I took their word for it and headed for Upper F.I.S., Darrin and Kendall know what they are talking about. I had a great time playing in the soft snow on the whales. I was just about to the Doc’s cut-off when I saw a group of skiers below me. It was the Smugglers’ Notch Ski Club FreeStyle Team. It was fantastic to watch these young talented skiers working their skills. One of those talented skiers is Carter Snow, pictured here showing us how it is done.


Upper F.I.S.

Dec. 20, 2013 Upper FIS blogThe forecast called for light snow this morning with a chance of mix or rain in the afternoon. For my first run I headed up the Madonna I chair lift. I was watching the skiers and riders on Lower Madonna Liftline and I could tell the snow was soft. Everyone was carving it up nicely. I was looking forward to doing the same. I decided to ski Upper F.I.S., because the snowmaking whales have been so much fun. Well they did not disappoint today either. The skier’s right side has been a real good friend lately.


Smugglers’ Alley

Dec. 19, 2013 vin alley

We received 2 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours and 18 inches in the past 5 days. We continue to make snow on Lower FIS, Midway, and the Magic Learning Trail. I ran into my good friend Vin in the Upper Parking Lot this morning. Vin is the skier seen here on the Alley. We did a warm up cruiser on Upper Rumrunner and Black Snake. We decided to ski Smugglers’ Alley for our next run and it had been groomed a few days ago. The surface condition was smooth with a few inches of fresh snow on top. We found the Alley to be too nice not to do again. We also found some nice powder on Upper Exhibition.