Burton Riglet Park

hayleigh funboxMy three year old Hayleigh has been skiing this season, but the past two days she has been taking snowboard lessons. Her class was at the Burton Riglet Park this morning. The riglet is the retractable cord that is attached to the front of the snowboard. This allows the instructor to pull the rider over different features in the terrain park. The riders are working on their balance as they go over rollers and funboxes. This terrain park is just fantastic for young beginner snowboarders. Hayleigh and her class all had a great time learning new skills while playing in the terrain park. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 74 out of 78 trails open. 37 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, including Smugglers’ Alley, Chute, Hangman’s Drop, Snow Snake, and skier’s right on Upper FIS for a grand total of 176 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is mostly sunny skies with temperatures between 19 and 33 degrees. All 6 terrain parks are open.


Giant wave of snow hits Smuggs!

wave of snowWe received 2 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours, 10 inches in the past 3 days, and 31 inches in the past 9 days! The forecast is calling for another 5 inches of new snow tonight. There is also more snow expected this weekend. We are 100 percent open with top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails open. The conditions are just amazing with powder filled glades and 170 acres of freshly groomed terrain for Thursday. The temperature has stayed cold and the snow has stayed light. I can’t wait to ski tomorrow!


Great day on the mountain!

matthewToday was another just absolutely gorgeous day here at Smuggs.  Beautiful sunny skies with temperatures in the 20’s.  I had a great time on all 3 mountains. My first run of the day was Upper Drifter and it was groomed to perfection last night!  I had to stop a few times to take in all of the amazing views from Drifter.  This afternoon I headed to Sir Henry’s Learning Park for the World Famous Cookie Race. This race is a great way for the kids to show their parents everything they learned at Snow Sport University.
junipernice glow


“Fresh” Prince

Apr 16, 2014 Brendan FreshRockin’ Ron for Hugh. What a difference a day makes.Yesterday was torrential rain and today was sunshine and powder. I saw Dave Sills (aka P1 or Patrol One) at the Top of the Notch. He said they had a heck of a time assessing the conditions this morning. After just a couple of runs, I can see what they went through. Well, my hat (or helmet) is off to you Dave, and the rest of Patrol and Mountain Ops. I chanced upon Greg Fatigate and he raved about the Birch Run Terrain Park, and he was right – it was in excellent condition with 4 rails and 3 jumps. Pictured is Brendan Simpson getting some fresh powder on the trail that connects Thomke’s to Bootleggers and Smugglers’ Alley. We skied a nice variety of terrain including Highlander Glades and Pipeline.Today was a crowning achievement to the season – we felt like Princes of Powder – like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.


Fresh snow


charlie.JPG blogWe received an inch of new snow last night. I was surprised to see how well it bonded with the old snow. I ran into George and Charlie from the Smuggs 55+ Club at the summit of Sterling. These gentlemen could be in the 70+ plus Club. Charlie had already done a warm-up run and was telling us how good the conditions were. George liked what Charlie was saying and suggested Smugglers’ Alley for his warm-up run. The wind had moved the snow around and we found some nice pockets of fresh snow. We skied Poacher’s Woods next and had fun skiing the gladed bumps. Our next run was Hangman’s Drop to Chute and then to Highlander Glades. We were pretty happy about getting fresh tracks on Highlander Glades. I had a great time skiing with Charlie and George. I had to keep reminding myself that the two guys I’m chasing down the mountain are both over 70 years old! Charlie is seen here skiing Highlander Glades.


Blog fans from Long Island


long islandI was checking out Sterling Pond from a vantage point to see if the visibility was worthy of a photo. I suddenly heard someone hiking through the woods. It turned out to be some Smuggs family members from Long Island. They told me that they follow my blog and enjoy the Smuggs videos. It’s always nice to meet members of the Smuggs family. Have a safe trip home and we will see again soon.


Shake it up and FIZZ!


Feb 4, 2014 Fletch n HokieRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Shake it up and FIZZ is not a recipe for a cocktail but how Fletch states his trail pick. That’s ironic because Fletch is the bartender in the Black Bear Tavern at the Base Lodge. The trail he’s referring to is Upper F.I.S. aka Fizz, which is intoxicating in its own way. After cruising down the upper part of Upper F.I.S., I tend to turn onto lower Doc Dempsey’s aka Doc’s, but Fletch said let’s stay on Fizz. So I cancelled my Doctor’s appointment, and we shook it up and fizzed some more. By the time we reached Link, I felt like a drunken sailor but without the rum. Pictured on top of the snow-covered Madonna Mountain prior to fizzing, are the aforementioned Fletch, and Hokie one of our Shuttle Drivers.

Elsewhere around the Resort, I saw the Hogans and the Coadys – families from Canada who vacation here together. In an interesting twist, the kids are skiers and the dads are snowboarders. Skyler, one of the young boys, had a chance to become a boarder but decided against it because he would have to wait until he was good enough to go on some of his favorite trails like Smugglers’ Alley. In fact, Skyler told me his goal this week was to ski Upper F.I.S. for the first time. To quote Fletch “Shake it up and FIZZ!”


Smugglers’ Alley


Jan. 15, 2014 tonyMy day off is Tuesday and I did not make it up on to the mountain. I was in Burlington yesterday and it was raining throughout the day. I was pleasantly surprised today with the snow conditions. It snowed on the mountain yesterday and it made a big difference. The photo on the right shows Tony having fun on Smugglers’ Alley. We also plan to make snow tonight on Catwalk and Upper Chilcoot.


Snowmaking on Smugglers’ Alley


Jan. 4, 2014 alley blogI was talking with Ski Patrol after they did trail check this morning. They told me that Smugglers’ Alley was groomed last night. They also said that snowmaking on Smugglers’ Alley was as good as it gets! My son Hugh and I decided to make Smugglers’ Alley our first run. The Ski Patrollers were absolutely right. The Alley was smooth with a fresh coating of snow. Hugh thought that we had first tracks, but I told him that it’s because of the snowmaking. I skied up to Hugh at the bottom of Alley and he says “Let’s do that again!”