Smuggs People

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh.  One of the great things about Smuggs is the people who return here year after year to ski and to work. In Parking Lot 1, I saw Steve supervising the arrival of a new Winch Cat.  I saw Cory at the Sterling Lift, Kathleen at the Ticket Booth, and Lindsey at the Black Bear Tavern – where I was getting a panini but no martini. Dave from the Hearth & Candle and Dave from Snowmaking were also hanging out in the Black Bear and I asked them for a trail pick. At the same time they said ‘The Alley”. That would be Smugglers’ Alley which was groomed for today. I took their advice and took the Lift. The Alley was fast but carve-able, and I found a bit of powder on skier’s right.  Its good to get another season going at Smuggs with the Smuggs People.