Powder Day

tony black hole croppedThis is Harley Johnson, filling in for Hugh Johnson.  Today was AMAZING with 6 inches of new snow on top of Madonna. My sister Cathy and I dropped the kids off at Mini Mites and Mitey Mites and then headed to Sterling Mountain.  While standing at the top of Upper Exhibition we joined up with our good friend Tony, and skied with him until it was time to pick the kids back up from Mitey Mites.  I have not skied the Black Hole in a while and wow was it awesome.  Tony is pictured here getting after it in the new snow.  We may have skied a different trail on every run.  We kept finding fresh snow everywhere.


Mountains of adventure and mountains of fun

I was playing on Morse Mountain this afternoon with my family. We were having a great time making runs from the top of the Mogul Mouse Lift.  We were lucky enough to make a run with Snow Sport University Snowboard Instructor Greg Fatigate who was cross training. He was hard to recognize because he was on skis.  He made some nice parallel turns and was even working on a few tricks.  We saw other family friends out spending quality time together also.  We ran into some family friends, sisters Gabbie and Emma who were out on the hill snowboarding.  All the kids had a wonderful time riding the chair together and playing follow the leader as they came down the slopes. It’s great to watch the kids having so much fun as they share the mountain experience together.

We were getting ready to take another run on the Mogul Mouse Magic Lift when I saw Snow Sport University Ski Instructor Dara with her class. She was getting her class ready to ride the lift for their first time. What caught my eye was all the matching helmets covers. I thought they looked like light green minions from behind.   The helmets covers are new this season and are different colors for different groups. This makes it easier to keep the classes organized and they also look cool.


Gabbie making a nice toe side turn on Garden Path

cross training

Greg cross training


Dara with her class of light green minions

the kids group shot

Fun with friends at the summit of the Mogul Mouse Magic Lift


Glade skiing

phil sun powder branchToday started off a little cold, but the sun warmed things up. I ran into my good friends Phil and Andy this afternoon. We had a great time playing in the powder filled glades. Phil is pictured here enjoying the great conditions. The wind moved some snow around last night and we found some of the best snow to be in the low angle glades. Tomorrow we plan to be 100 percent open with top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails and all 8 lifts operating. Tuesday’s forecast is mostly cloudy skies with some flurries, a high of 15 degrees and light wind. Tonight we plan to groom 31 trails including Smugglers’ Alley, Snake Bite, and Upper Pipeline for a grand total of 158 acres.


Ski-lightful und Snowboard-dacious


Feb 11, 2014 Upper DrifterRockin’ Ron for Hugh. 5 year old Rebecca from CT said “Walk on, Walkin’ Juan”. Molly from SSU said her new favorite word “Fab-u-loso”. Shay from SNAP essayed “awesome-possum”. Peter from F-L-A boasted “beaut-o-mous”. Marcela from Wyndham offered “feliz-tastic”. Well, after skiing on Upper Drifter (pictured here – looking up from the first hairpin turn) I wanted to shout “splen-diferous, shred-alicious, and un-be-flyin’-lievable”!!! I love Upper D and today reminded me of my second year at the Resort (back in the 90’s) when I had a GREAT day with Stacy from IT and two other co-workers. You can quote me as saying “ski-lightful und snowboard-dacious”.