Freshly groomed

groom-light30 trails were groomed for today, that’s 145 acres of freshly groomed terrain. We have 69 skiable trails and 42 lift accessible trails open today. The Madonna I, Madonna II, and Village Lift are presently on wind hold. We have 4 lifts operating Sterling, Mogul Mouse Magic Lift, Morse Highlands, and Sir Henry’s Wonder Carpet. Snow and colder temperatures are in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow with 1 to 2 inches of accumulation possible. Today’s forecast is occasional rain likely with temperatures between 38 and 45 degrees.


Good morning

sunrise-by-riverToday we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating and 35 trails open. 21 trails have been groomed for today, including Smugglers’ Alley for a grand total of 121 acres of freshly groomed terrain. We are presently making snow on Sam’s Run and Dixie’s Knoll.


Liquid sunshine today becoming snow tonight and tomorrow


Upper Rumrunner

After a beautiful weekend full of blue skies and warmer temperatures the weather decided to change. The forecast called for rain today with temperature between 38 and 45 degrees. The temperature at the summit of Madonna was 25 degrees this afternoon at 2:00 pm. The colder temperatures turned the rain into freezing rain on the top half the upper mountains. I hope the colder temperatures will turn the freezing rain into snow earlier than predicted. The forecast for tonight is calling for snow developing around midnight with up to 3 inches of new snow on top by tomorrow morning.  Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow morning also with another 1 to 2 inches of accumulation possible with temperatures between 19 and 32 degrees. For Tuesday weather permitting we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating and 34 trails open. 30 trails will be groomed for Tuesday that’s 147 acres.


Racing on the Practice Slope

tonyToday was the last day of the Harvey Wesson Memorial Race Series. The weather was a little crazy with some rain early, but the afternoon was pretty good with just some cloudy skies.  The conditions were nice and soft today. The Blast from the Past Race is tomorrow Saturday, March 26th.  This race is always a good time with a GS race early and head to head Slalom races in the afternoon. Sunrise Service is Sunday, March 27th and the Sterling Lift will be loading from 6:00 am till 6:30 am.


slalomThe weather this weekend looks great with sunny skies and a high of 50 degrees both days. There will be some great spring skiing and riding to be had. 31 trails will be groomed for Saturday, that’s 165 acres of freshly groomed terrain.  For Saturday we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 7 lifts operating and 40 trails open.


Harvest the corn

harley carveThe spring skiing and riding is just fantastic. This morning started off with a little bit of rain, but that did not last long. The sun came out this afternoon with temperatures reaching into the 5o’s at the summit of Sterling. I really enjoyed the soft corn snow on top of the smooth groomed snow. I also had a great time on the ungroomed snow of Upper Exhibition and Bootlegger. Pictured here is my wife Harley enjoying the spring conditions on Black Snake. This closing weekend we plan to have to have the Madonna I lift and Sterling lift operating with 43 trails open. 12 trails will be groomed for tomorrow for a grand total of 75 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is increasing clouds with a chance of showers midday and later with temperatures between 39 and 51 degrees. The forecast for closing day Sunday, April 19th is mostly sunny skies with temperatures between 41 and 52 degrees.


Log Jam Terrain Park

hannah flying off funboxI had a great time at the Morse Highlands area today. I was skiing with my son Hugh B. and my daughter Hannah, pictured here. My kids were having so much fun in the Log Jam Terrain Park. They could not get enough of the funboxes. The Morse Highlands lift is a short ride, so the kids could be back in the terrain park in no time. We also enjoyed a hot chocolate break at the Morse Highlands Lodge before doing more laps in the terrain park. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 77 out of 78 trails open. 6 lifts will be operating on Monday, including the Madonna I Lift. 35 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, including Drifter, Snow Snake, and Jolly Rodger for a grand total of 116 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly to mostly cloudy skies with a chance of flurries and a high of 20 degrees.


The Zone Terrain Park


zoneToday was a beautiful blue bird day. It started off a little cool, but it did not take long for the sun to work its magic. I was out on my snowboard with a hard setup. The groomed snow was perfect for carving some nice turns. I could really trust the snow and just lay it out. It was a great day to be out on the mountain enjoying the sunshine and great conditions. The weather this weekend looks fantastic with temperatures in the 20’s and we are expecting 2 inches of new snow on Saturday night. 31 trails will be groomed for tomorrow including skier’s right on Upper FIS, Snow Snake, and Thomke’s Express for a grand total of 164 acres. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails and all 8 lifts operating.


Great conditions and the FamilyFun Magazine Winter Carnival

We received 6 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours and 11 inches in the past week.  My first run of the day was Upper FIS and the skier’s right side was groomed again last night.  The super light powder on top of the groomed snow was just amazing. My skis were riding on the smooth consistent groomed snow while the fluffy fresh snow floated and flew around my ski boots.  At one point I threw my ski sideways just for fun so the snow would fly over my head. I was taking a run on Snow Snake this afternoon and I ran into Long Island Rick and his wife Elizabeth.  It was nice to see these members of the Smuggs Family out enjoying wonderful conditions.  The icing on the cake was the FamilyFun Magazine Winter Carnival. A great festive event with games, music, outdoor barbecue, a bonfire, ice carving, face painting, and giveaways. We are 100 percent open with top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails and all 8 lifts operating. The forecast is calling for another 6 inches of new snow by noon tomorrow.  There is even more snow in the forecast for this weekend.  This Saturday, February 21 there will be a slopestyle event in the Birch Run Terrain Park.


billy bob bear hockeyjeff patrol


Princess Molly of Mandalay

Molly and Me

Molly explains to me that the trail is wide enough for a Princess and her retinue.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Hark ye! Today, I had the privilege of skiing with Long Island Royalty. Princess Molly of Mandalay, along with her mother Michele and her grandpa Bob, ruled the slopes. The young Princess was fearless in the woods and on the groomers, as she inspected her beloved Sterling and Morse Mountains. Over a repaste in the Black Bear, the Mandalayan Royal Court decreed that the day was a smashing success (without the smashing, of course).

Later this week, she’ll summon Dame Diane Oustinoff and Larry “her knight in shining” Arnold for further tutelage. Dame Diane and Sir Larry are esteemed members of the University von Snow Sport. Skiing with 3 generations of the Princess’s family was a crowning achievement for moi!


… isn’t it GOOD… Norwegian Woods

Sandra in glades

Sandra glides through the glades with the greatest of ease.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s such a joy to be with someone when they ski a trail or terrain new to them. Sandra Soucy, Child Care Provider at Treasures, started out by saying “groomed Blue Squares, please”. Shortly thereafter she stepped outside of her comfort zone and conquered Norwegian Woods and Poacher’s Woods – still intermediate, but GLADED intermediate trails. These were the first substantial glades she has ever skied! I’m happy to report that she didn’t fall once, she came out in one piece, and most importantly she enjoyed herself. She had Norwegian Woods singin’ her tune. Being on Poacher’s was ironic though, since Sandra’s husband’s name is Al Capone, just like the famous Chicago bootlegger and old school O.G.

In unrelated news, it was great to see Floridians Cari and Pete while lunching at the Black Bear. They were taking their annual runs with Fletch. You may have read the article about Fletch, our Black Bear Bartender of 23 years, in the Winter 2014-2015 edition of Destination VT.  So I say to myself “isn’t it good seeing friends from far and near, and skiing the glades and groomers at Smuggs”.