Another beautiful day at Smuggs


Snow Sport University Snowboard Lesson on Magic Learning Trail

We are 86 percent open with top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 8 lifts operating and 67 out of 78 trails open. Log Jam, Birch Run, and Zone Terrain Parks are all open and were groomed this morning. 125 acres of freshly groomed terrain for today. Great spring conditions!


dave dillon

Snow Sport University Ski Lesson on Magic Learning Trail


Family Fun on Morse Mountain



Father Winter’s Welcome sign

I had a blast today playing on Madonna and Morse Mountain. The views from the Madonna I chairlift were just fantastic with the beautiful clear skies. I started my day off with skiing Upper Chilcoot and FIS. The freshly groomed terrain was nice and edgeable.  I really enjoyed the steep smooth surface on Upper FIS. This afternoon I headed to Morse Mountain to ski with my daughters Hannah and Hayleigh. We rode the Mogul Mouse Magic Lift which is designed for kids. The chairs are lower for loading and unloading, which makes it easier for the kids. The towers are also lower, so you are never that high off the snow. Dave and his staff at the Mogul Mouse Magic Lift are very friendly and always seem to be having a good time.


Father Winter serving up some hot cider

Dave and one of his crew members were dancing to the music playing as we loaded one time. The girls decided that they want to visit Father Winter’s Tipi on one run, so we stopped by. Father Winter’s Tee  Pee is located between Lower Morse Liftline and Magic Learning Trail. It’s a real tipi with a hole at the top for the smoke to escape and Father Winter had a fire going. He had some cider in a pot on the fire and gave us all a nice warm cup of cider to enjoy. There are so many different things that Father Winter has in his tipi like games, furs, skulls, and more. Every time I visit Father Winter the items inside the tipi are different and I learn something new. The girls were having such a good time that they did not want to leave. I had to bribe them with another run on the Mogul Mouse Magic Lift and a trip to King Billy Bob’s Den to get them to go. It sure does make you feel good when your kids say ”Daddy that was really fun! We can’t wait to do it again!”





Another guest at Father Winter’s teepee

Tomorrow we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 8 lifts operating and 38 trails open. Snowmaking continues around the clock tonight on Garden Path, Sam’s Run, Lower Morse Liftline, Log Jam, Midway, and Meadowlark. Tonight’s forecast is calling for an inch of new snow. Tomorrow’s forecast is flurries and a snow shower early then partly sunny skies with temperatures between 5 and 16 degrees. 34 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, including Upper FIS and Snake Bite for a grand total of 135 acres of freshly groomed terrain.




A look inside of the teepee


Hannah and Hayleigh having fun on Wanderer


Jammin’ on Log Jam


Signs that point to FUN!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK – I work at Smuggs and I ski all day!

Seriously, I’m not a Lumberjack, but I did “log on” to write this blog about skiing on the Log Jam trail at Morse Highlands. Today’s mixed precip was a blessing as it softened up the snow and made for some sweet turns – my first of the season at the Highlands.

I usually visit the Highlands when I’m teaching a class of Level 3 skiers for SSU. It has a little bit of everything: cruisers, glades, and a terrain park.

Did you know that the second word in blog is log?





Great conditions

hugh-air-under-rock We received 14 inches of new snow in the past 4 days. We could see another 4 inches of new snow in the next 24 hours. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 7 lifts operating and 61 trails open. We have been making snow on Log Jam and Hibernator. Our snowmaking crew is now going to make snow on Snake Bite, The Zone, McPherson’s, and Lower FIS. 25 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 135 acres of freshly groomed terrain. My son Hugh B. and I had a great time skiing with our good friends Ken and Justin. It was a father and son ski day. We were powder hounds searching out the next stash.


We worked the mountain over leaving tracks everywhere we could. The new snow that we are expected to receive tonight will freshen things up quite nicely. I am really forward to doing it all over again tomorrow. The forecast for tomorrow is flurries early then partly sunny skies in the afternoon with temperatures between 16 and 28 degrees. Happy New Year!









Another Powder Day


Snow Sport University Instructor Neal Leach making it look easy as always.

We received a storm total of 13 inches in the past 3 days and we are expecting another 2 to 3 inches of snow by Sunday.The Ski Patrollers were very busy today dropping ropes. We now have 60 trails open for your skiing and riding pleasure. Tonight we plan to resume snowmaking at the Morse Highlands Area. We plan to make snow on Log Jam, Hibernator, and Lower Morse Liftline.Tomorrow’s forecast is a partly sunny sky early with snow developing in the afternoon an inch of accumulation possible with temperatures between 12 and 24 degrees. We have quite a bit planned for the last day of 2016. Tomorrow we will have



Mark Stritzler enjoying the fresh snow

Tomorrow we will have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 7 lifts operating. There will be a Black Bear Tavern Après Sport Party featuring Switchback. Beginning at 2:00 pm, Goodtime Charlie hosts with trivia, bar games, prizes, and music. It’s a great place to meet other riders and skiers and some of the locals. There is also a New Year’s Celebration Bonfire, Torchlight Parade & Fireworks starting at 9pm near the Gazebo.






Snow Reporter meets snowdrift at the bottom of Doc Dempsey’s Glades












Bird’s eye view of Red Fox Glades











Justin Rule having fun in new snow











Freefall was open from the top today



Morse Highlands

kyleThe Morse Highlands area is a great place for kids and beginners.  Dixie’s Knoll is a wide trail with a low angle pitch.  Skiers and riders learning to turn have plenty of room and they don’t have to worry about picking up too much speed.  I saw Snow Sport University Instructor Kyle Ebbett giving a lesson on Dixie’s Knoll.  This trail was perfect for his student to learn how to make turns and stop.  Log Jam is also a great trail for beginners. It is a little steeper than Dixie’s Knoll, but is also nice and wide.  There are many trails through the woods that the kids just love to play in.  The people who work the Morse Highlands Lift are very nice and helpful.

For Thursday we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 6 lifts operating and 33 trails open. We plan to groom 30 trails tonight, including Upper FIS for a grand total of 153 acres.  The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 15 features.  Tomorrow’s forecast is partly to mostly cloudy skies with temperatures between 22 and 35 degrees.


Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program

blind riderToday was just amazing with beautiful sunny skies and temperatures reaching into the low 30’s. I was skiing with my two daughters over at the Morse Highlands Area. We skied the Log Jam Terrain Park seven times in a row. The girls were having too much fun on the rollers and funboxes. We were doing one of our laps in the terrain park when I saw this blind rider and guide. My hat is off to both the blind rider and guide. This relationship takes a great deal of trust. It was impressive to watch them work together as they rode down the mountain. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails open.


Log Jam Terrain Park

hannah flying off funboxI had a great time at the Morse Highlands area today. I was skiing with my son Hugh B. and my daughter Hannah, pictured here. My kids were having so much fun in the Log Jam Terrain Park. They could not get enough of the funboxes. The Morse Highlands lift is a short ride, so the kids could be back in the terrain park in no time. We also enjoyed a hot chocolate break at the Morse Highlands Lodge before doing more laps in the terrain park. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 77 out of 78 trails open. 6 lifts will be operating on Monday, including the Madonna I Lift. 35 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, including Drifter, Snow Snake, and Jolly Rodger for a grand total of 116 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly to mostly cloudy skies with a chance of flurries and a high of 20 degrees.


Flying Sam in Log Jam

Sam Laporte
This is local ripper Sam LaPorte in the Log Jam Terrain Park at Morse Highlands. The crazy thing is that Sam is a better skier then he is a snowboarder. Cambridge Elementary 4th graders were here today at Smuggs for one of their Cambridge Area Rotary’s Winter Wellness Days. This is a wonderful program that helps students experience the world of snowboarding and skiing, especially for the students who have never been on the mountain before.


Great conditions

harley bootleggerOur snowmakers have been doing a wonderful job! They have been busy on all 3 mountains allowing more terrain to be opened for us to ski and ride. The Log Jam Terrain Park opened today at the Morse Highlands area. This terrain park is great for beginners and it has some wonderful features. There are many features that are made of snow like rollers and a small serpentine half pipe. All of these different shapes are just so much fun and also super teaching tools. My 3 year old daughter Hayleigh had a blast skiing through the serpentine and the rollers this morning. We have been making snow on Upper Pipeline, Bootlegger, Chute, Snake Bike, Smugglers’ Alley, and Hangman’s Drop the past 2 days. Now that these trails are blanketed with snow, our snowmakers are focused on Madonna Mountain. I took a few runs with my wife Harley this afternoon on Sterling Mountain. She is pictured here enjoying the great snow on Bootlegger.