Liquid sunshine today becoming snow tonight and tomorrow


Upper Rumrunner

After a beautiful weekend full of blue skies and warmer temperatures the weather decided to change. The forecast called for rain today with temperature between 38 and 45 degrees. The temperature at the summit of Madonna was 25 degrees this afternoon at 2:00 pm. The colder temperatures turned the rain into freezing rain on the top half the upper mountains. I hope the colder temperatures will turn the freezing rain into snow earlier than predicted. The forecast for tonight is calling for snow developing around midnight with up to 3 inches of new snow on top by tomorrow morning.  Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow morning also with another 1 to 2 inches of accumulation possible with temperatures between 19 and 32 degrees. For Tuesday weather permitting we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating and 34 trails open. 30 trails will be groomed for Tuesday that’s 147 acres.


Easter Sunrise Service and more spring conditions


Hoppy Easter

The sunrise service was fantastic this morning with clear skies, no wind, and mild temperatures. We had a great turn out with 264 people attending.  It was just so pretty with the moon over Mount Mansfield.  The sun worked its magic and there was corn snow everywhere.  Spring fever is here and it is contagious!  I had so much fun today with my son Hugh B, daughter Hayleigh, my wife Harley, and good friends Lindsey, Kiri, and Nancy. We did an on mountain Easter Egg Hunt. The kids kept finding plastic colored eggs filled with candy on the side of the trail.


upper exhibition

Airing it out on Upper Exhibition

For Monday we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating, including the Madonna I Lift and 35 trails open. 27 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 138 acres. The forecast for tomorrow is rain with temperatures between 38 and 45 degrees. The rain is supposed to turn to snow on Monday night and we could see up to 5 inches of accumulation on top by Tuesday night.

mansfield and moon

Moon over Mount Mansfield


New snow makes for happy skiers and riders.

race 2.26.2016This is Harley Johnson filling in for Hugh Johnson. Today was another amazing day on the mountain.   We received 5 inches of new snow last night. All three of my sisters were at the mountain today with family and friends.  It was so much fun to ski with everyone. Hayleigh didn’t want to ski with us today though.  She chose snowboarding with Allison at Snowboard camp instead.





powder 2.26.2016Hugh B and I got to race in the locals race with Hannah and family cheering us on.  Hugh did a great job in his first race.  Then we were off to ski the new snow.  We found many pockets of great powder all over the mountain.




ice flow 2.26.2016I love the ice flow on Thomke’s. It is always a great spot for a group photo.  We were on the mountain until 4 pm.  We are looking forward to another fun day tomorrow.


Night time family Fun!

Mini Snowmobiles 2.25.2016Tonight we decided to go have some evening fun.  We went tubing on Sir Henry’s Tubing Hill.  We did several runs.  The conditions were perfect and it had already started to snow.  I highly recommend the spinning penguin.  As we were riding the wonder carpet to the top of the hill we noticed the mini snowmobiles were out.  There were a lot of kids having a blast driving their own snowmobiles.


Sign of Snow

Morse signRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Yes, there is snow on our mountains! A lot of it is machine made snow, but we also have some natural snow. Driving around the Vermont countryside or hanging out in Burlington – the largest town in the state – you’d be forgiven if you thought we were fibbing about our snow coverage. So, here is a sign in the snow to show a sign of snow.







Nice turns


Snow Sport University Instructor Justin Falkenburg with Jenn Horkovich

The weather was warm and the snow was soft. I had a great time playing on the corn covered moguls on Smugglers’ Alley.  I also took a few cruiser runs on Upper Rumrunner to Treasure Run. The forecast is calling for colder temperatures this weekend. We could see temperatures between 4 and 18 degrees for Sunday night into Monday. Our snowmakers will be taking full advantage of these great snowmaking temperatures. The forecast for Tuesday night is snow developing with light snow into Wednesday.


Snowmaking and a little natural snow too


Smugglers’ Alley

The temperature was colder than predicted last night and our snowmakers took advantage. We made snow on Upper Rumrunner, Lower Rumrunner, and Smugglers’ Alley last night. We were able to make snow on Smugglers’ Alley all day today.  We will continue making snow tonight as long as temperatures allow.  We also received an inch of natural snow last night.






sterling rock

The Sterling rock

Tomorrow we plan to have 2 lifts operating and 8 trails open. 7 out of the 8 open trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 28 acres of freshly groomed terrain.  The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 6 features, including 2 fun boxes and 4 rails.



3 to 5 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours.

Dec. 03, 2015 tom Alley

Ski Patroller Tom Costello enjoying the new snow on Smugglers’ Alley.

Dec. 03, 2015 birch run grooming

Smuggs Terrain Park Crew getting Birch Run shaped up and ready for rails.

I woke up this morning and looked out the window hoping for new snow. The cars were just wet, but it looked like it was trying to snow. I turned my computer on to check out the webcam at the Base Lodge. It was nice to see that everything was covered with new snow and it was still snowing hard.  My first run of the day was Smugglers’ Alley and I was finding some nice small drifts in between the bumps.   We plan to open more terrain by this weekend.


1 to 2 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours

timmy powI was driving up the mountain road this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it snowed last night. The closer I got to Smuggs the deeper the snow got. The new snow is pretty dense, so it skied like we got more than a couple inches. The snow was creamy and fun to play in. Pictured here is Timmy playing in the new snow on Chute. It was pretty windy today so it’s a good thing that the new snow is heavy and won’t blow away. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for snow, flurries, and a chance of some mix at the base an inch of accumulation possible with temperatures between 28 and 40 degrees. Our trails have some amazing coverage and I ready for some spring skiing. Sunday’s forecast is calling for a high of 50 degrees with increasing sunshine through out the day. Tomorrow weather permitting we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating, including the Madonna I Lift. We have 70 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. 25 trails will be groomed for that’s 150 acres of freshly groomed terrain. This weekend we have 2015 Backcountry Basecamp. Join the editors of Backcountry Magazine for a resort-based showcase of all things Backcountry. They will be set up by the Smugglers’ Notch Ski and Snowboard Club building.


New snow and the World Famous Cookie Race

We received 3 to 4 inches of new snow last night and 18 inches in the past 6 days.  My first run of the day was Upper FIS and skier’s right was groomed last night. I like having the moguls on skier’s left and the groomed terrain on skier’s right.  The new snow was lighter on top of the mountain and the wind moved it around a little. I had fun looking for different drifts to play in. Pictured on the left is Ski Patrol Director Dave Sills on Upper FIS.  This afternoon I headed down to Sir Henry’s Learning and Fun Park to catch the Cookie Race. In the photo on the right snowboarder Emma makes it across a funbox as Snow Sport University Instructor Allison celebrates in the background. It’s always so much fun watching the young skiers and riders showing off their new learned skills. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating including the Madonna I Lift. We have 70 out of 78 trails open with terrain open for all ability levels.
DSC00484emma cookie race