The Run Down

The Official Parks Update!

Alright, the season is finally going off! Deep, deep, deep, snow. Cold, cold, cold, temps. Snowmakers are crushing it! Patrol is dropping ropes like it’s their job! Well…I guess it is their job, but hey, it’s still awesome!

So here’s the update, and I would also like to clear up some rumors about the Zone. First, snowmakers are working hard to lay down a solid base in Log Jam, and the Zone. Once that deep base is laid down, they will be able to focus on the big stuff, like terrain features and jumps. The next few cold, cold nights should help with that. Stay tuned, but things should be moving along at a good pace now.

Next, The Zone. Many people have been coming up to me asking if this or that is true about The Zone. My answer to all of it is…sort of. I have prepared a FAQ on the subject to help clear up any confusion. Check it out, down at the bottom of this post.

Knight’s Revenge. Knight’s is finally open. The ropes were dropped today on the upper and lower sections. Get in there and hit that stuff, but please, please, please don’t ride through the landings unless you are actually in the process of landing. This way we can let the area set up as much as possible. Don’t go in with the expectation that there will be a set rail line. Everything is scattered around, so take a few runs through and check it all out first! Dropping in!

Aaannd…Birch Run. Birch is going off! The new features in there are rockin’. In case you haven’t been riding through Birch run lately, there are a few new features that are getting killer reviews. Many have mentioned that the side-by-side rail/box are both sliding like a hot knife through butter. Both are 100% metal. Personally, they are both my favorite features in that park right now. Also, the big propane tank at the bottom is killer! I can tell by the paint job that it’s getting to see some major action so far this season. Be sure to check out the new bonk in there as well. Also made from a recycled propane tank, this thing is pretty sweet…and it’s bright orange.

The Zone FAQ

1. Is there going to be a terrain park in The Zone this season?

Yes. The Zone will return this year, right next to the T-Bar.

2. Will there be any jumps in The Zone this season?

Yes, The Zone will have some jumps in it this sesaon.

3. I heard the jumps will be much smaller. Is this true?

Yes, but only slightly. We believe that all of our parks should be progressive and we are limited on space for jump lines. With that said, we feel that there is too large of a gap between steps in our jump progression and will be scaling back the size of the jumps in the zone to include more pop, and less deck. Think along the lines of 30 footers that put you up in the air more.

4. Will there still be rails in The Zone?

Rails, rails, and more rails. McAdoo is working hard on some new rails for The Zone this year. Nice, round ones made of 6 inch pipe. Mike’s working on a nice down rail, and some kinks. Smooth as buttah.

5. Will the changes to The Zone affect the Gravity Control events?

Nope. No change. Check out the schedule here.



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  1. James says:

    Your parks are 10 years behind the times

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