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Question for you!

2012 was certainly a year full of ups and downs. Spring of 2012 will definitely be remembered for its epic corn snow, very similar to the corn snows of ’98. Then there was the great November 30th dump, and of course the fact that the mountain is going off right now. But what about the parks? We want to hear from you. What was your favorite Smuggs Park Feature of 2012?

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10 responses to Question for you!

  1. MJC says:

    March 19 was my first time skiing at 37 years old and first time taking our children. Awesome experience! 68 degrees, sun and skiing.

  2. Justin Lang says:

    smuggs needs more “urban” features in birch or any of their parks….im talking down flat down rails. close out rails. pipes. stair sets. donkey rails. creative features like what Bear Mountain has. like combo features. and stuff to challenge the rider and help them progress instead of the generic features.

  3. Andy says:

    Knights revenge is all fun and games untill the landings…. Other than that birch is nice top to bottom.

  4. either the bonk or the propan tank, but you guys should add the down flat down box and another rail

  5. Sam says:

    I liked the zone jumps as well as the metal barrel-like feature with the shark teeth painted on.

  6. Trevor says:

    I liked the down flat down box we had last year. Do we need to shovel that thing out?

  7. Nick F says:

    I agree with Justin, the park needs more creative features; features that challenge the riders/skiers. Just ask the kids that ride the park, I’m sure they all have excellent ideas on how to improve. Often its not the features themselves physically, but how they are set up on the slope (downward angle of the rail, trannys onto the rail) that makes the difference. You can take any feature and make it more/less difficult by setting it up in different ways. Also alot of other mountains switch out features weekly to keep the park fresh and interesting. The same features get boring over time, especially if they are set up in a way that limits the rider.

  8. Kris says:

    I wish I could post pictures in here. Went to Smuggs today to try and film with a crew and the features in the park were so uncared for and sketchy, we didn’t get any shots. The lips to all the rails and boxes in birch run were iced over rollers that clearly had not been touched in days. It was not safe at all. That new single barrel rail is nice and long but it should be set up as a down instead of a flat because of how long it is. The first flat box needs new top sheet. It’s ridiculously bumpy and the coping is higher than the top sheet making it very grabby. There is so much that needs work in both parks it’s insane. I don’t understand how Smuggs can afford to build new features but can’t hire a park crew. People who lap the park all day maintaining each feature. Every mountain in Vermont has a park crew who is responsible for keeping the park safe and reliable. I will not go back to Smuggs until I hear that has happened and my crew feels the same.

    • mchait says:

      Kris- thanks for the feedback. Today was a challenging day for the parks due to the 50 degree temps and 50 mph winds, not to mention the drop in temperature around noon. I think I saw you and your crew making laps through while I was trying to keep the features alive. I will certainly pass on your feedback and hope to see you again in the park soon. Keep shredding!
      Mike Chait

  9. Drew says:

    Glad to see the sidewalk box in Birch is level. The slight pitch was meaningless. The flat-down-flat was a great addition. It would be nice to see some mellow jib feature in the playground where you can actually hike.

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