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Greg Fatigate on Knight’s Revenge

Today was a great day! Loads of new snow in the past week and tonight’s storm seemed to come a little early! That left the parks in great shape all throughout the day. Fatigate has a few things to say about Knight’s Revenge now that it’s back open with all this new snow. Check it out:

It’s been super cool to see all the tracks in Knight’s Revenge since it’s been open again.  All the wall rides have been getting hit, all the rails & jumps are getting lots of traffic, and people have been finding a few of the “hidden” things.  Fortunately my favorite “hidden” thing has yet to be found 😉

Personally, if I were a Facebooker, I would “like” the wall rides.  In case you have not seen, there are three of them in that park.  As the landings of the other features get beat up, look for the walls.

If you have never hit a wall ride before, here’s a bit of advice:  Go slow at first, and just go up it, and back down fakie.  In other words, don’t even try turning on the wall.

The Knight’s Revenge park will always be best on a powder day, so if it’s beat, go check out Birch Run or the Zone.  In other words, when the snow falls, (and it has) get some!



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2 responses to Greg Fatigate on Knight’s Revenge

  1. Chris Diegel says:

    You can check out some of the features in Knights Revenge on the C.H.Diegel Photography homepage at!i=2378281141&k=T7fnZzt

  2. Mark says:

    That’s awesome but you guys need to work on maintaining the zone and birch, the landings are full of holes

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