The Run Down

The End is Near!!!

6 More days left in the season before the lifts stop turning. I know, it’s a sad time for all of us. With that said, what was your favorite moment in the parks? I have to say, I really liked all the walls in Knight’s Revenge, the flat-down-flat box in Birch, the snake run in Log Jam, the drop to rollers in the Riglet Park, and the new rail in the Zone with the Donkey Kick. How about the things you didn’t like? What could we do differently next season to improve your park experience?

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  1. Alec says:

    Have a jump line with Bigger jumps in the zone. We need some fun rails line close outs and elbows. It would also me nice to have a big rail line the the zone.

  2. Tom says:

    I really enjoyed the big air jump. It was built perfectly. Same with the jump above it. I would love to see a jump like the big air one all year long. It was unfortunate that it was only there for a few weeks considering everyone really progressed on it. I really like all the handrails you guys have put in this year and would love to see more of that coming into next season. Bigger urban ons would be sweet and maybe some more down rails. An elbow rail would be really cool

  3. Wylie says:

    I liked Birch Run the most throughout this year, the rails were nice, and the jump was pretty solid for a little park.
    However, there are many improvements that should be made in the Zone. For starters, it should be a lap park, which this year it wasn’t really. I also think it needs a lot more features, the jumps were especially week. For next year, if it had two sets of rails/boxes before the first jump, and then a second set of jumps, either the same size or bigger than the ‘big air’ set this year. Over/between the third knuckle and the bottom, it would be great to see some more rails, a cannon there would be really fun, and a down flat down instead of a flat down flat. It would also be nice to have a jump line in the Zone somewhere. All in all, the parks weren’t too bad this year.
    The Nights Revenge park, was kind of a let down, I hiked around in it a little this summer, and it looked pretty sick, but when skiing it, most of the features were un hittable, if the log rails were downs instead of flats, and generally lower to the ground, it would be a lot more fun.
    I think it would be a huge improvement to have Rick Witham calling the shots again for the parks.

  4. Norman says:

    Hey, are you guys gonna have birch up this weekend still. Would be cool if you made a spring setup with a bunch of down rails and a big jump, kind of like a last hoorah.

  5. Trevor says:

    I too liked the big air jump very much, I really want to see jumps like that in the Zone. The jumps in the Zone should be in a line set-up with at least three jump hits in a row, the second and third jumps should be kickers like the big air jump. The last suggestion that I have for the Zone is to place the rails towards the top and put rails on the left side of the trail (like the season of 2011-2012). The new rails were good in the Zone this past season. Birch Run was decent for a smaller park and I liked the walls in the Knight’s Revenge park.

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