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Molly Rail Jam

On March 14th we will be hosting the Molly Rail Jam in the Zone. We will set the jib park above the jump line next week. This should keep the jumps open and intact for the remainder of March.

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  1. Sam says:

    Great job on the jumps in zone this year. I was wondering if there is a big air event this spring? If not I was also wondering if there will be one big jump in zone during the spring like in previous seasons.

    • mmcadoo says:

      We did not schedule a Big Air this year but will leave the current Zone jumps until March 28th.The Pond Skim event will be under construction for the following week into April. After this event we will have to assess the snow levels and determine if there is enough to build a lower set again. The leveling for the Pond Skim requires every ounce of snow available in the lower half. If we can, and we have the product we will build one set at the bottom for the rest of the season.

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