The Run Down

Birch Run Done

We finished tuning the upper end of Birch Run today. Look for a couple progression boxes and some updated rails, including our rainbow box. We also squeezed in another jump for a total of three. We will be focusing on the Zone in the coming days and adding some rails to the upper side of that and increase our feature count in playground.

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Birch Run Update

Snowmaking was busy in Birch Run all night. We are starting construction today for the upper half of the trail. If all goes well we should re-open sometime tomorrow with a fresh set of features.

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The Zone

board-and-snow-Zone-012415The Zone and Prohibition Parks are now open! We fine tuned the hits in the lower Zone this morning and they are riding nicely. There are two sets of jumps below mid T-Bar and we set them up so the flow is effortless. Prohibition has a couple of progression rails and some snow features, we will add more to these parks in the coming weeks. We plan on putting rails in the upper Zone area soon.

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We have been getting a nice portion of wet snow. This means that Knights Revenge should start to ride nicely. Birch Run will remain the same for the week and we will look at adding snowmaking and different features next week. The Zone is under construction so be patient. It takes time for the snow to set up to allow us to create the landing we need. Look for a Zone opening sometime this weekend. Log Jam is holding up nicely and we have a couple more rails we will install shortly.

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Log Jam

Snowmaking is complete in our Log Jam Park. Our operators have been busy and we will be opening the trail for Friday! We will have a couple of small boxes installed as well as a serpentine and rolls to start. We will add more items in there within the week. The new snow has added up and our Birch Run Park is holding up nicely. There will be more snowmaking in there soon as well, this should allow us to create some better features. The Zone is under attack by snowmaking and that will be completed soon.

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The Zone

We have begun the initial phase of the Zone. Snowmaking will be adding more product to some areas so we can complete the jumps on the lower half. There will be some changes with the spacing of the hits this year. Our goal is to make a set of three consecutive jumps that are grouped evenly to create an even flow.

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Snowmaking in The Zone

Zone snowmakingThe cold weather has allowed Birch Run to set up nicely. The cooler tempatures are also providing us with ideal snowmaking condtions. We are currently blowing snow in The Zone and we will start construction soon.

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More Features

birch 1We added a few more progression rails into Birch Run. We have a total of 14 features and 2 jumps in there now. As the season continues we will change things up. The Zone is currently in the snowmaking phase, more jumps will be added to our count when it is completed. The Rails for Ryan event is postponed to a later date.

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Rails For Ryan January 9th

Please note: This event has been postponed to Friday, January 30th. See you there!

Cold weather has been in our favor this week which allowed us to set up Birch Run nicely. Make sure you check out our first event on January 9th in front of the Base Lodge. The Rails for Ryan event is a charity event under the lights, jamming music, and great prizes. It’s a great spectator event so be sure to bring along family and friends.

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Spring Like Conditions

BirchRun12262014Birch Run is in great shape. Conditions are soft but all features have been re-worked and tuned. Because of the warm conditions some of the rails may ride slower so we have been waxing the tops to keep them rideable.

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