The Run Down

Park Modifications

We were able to get into Log Jam and Playground this morning and make a couple adjustments to some existing features. We also changed up two rails in Birch Run to better some lines up. This weekends slopestyle event went great, we had a big turn out and had some awesome skiers and riders compete. The Zone is riding great and should remain that way for the rest of week.

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Blue Bird Day

Most of the morning has been nothing but blue skies and fresh powder turns. All the parks were freshly groomed this morning and are in excellent condition. Just a reminder about the slopestyle event we are hosting this Saturday which takes place in the Zone, so come on up and watch some great skiing and riding (it will be closed to the public that day). As for now conditions are awesome and should remain that way depending on possible inclement weather they have forecasted.

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New Snow

We have been getting some off and on snow during the day currently, and picked up around 4 inches last night so the parks are in great shape. We will be marking all the hits in the Zone now with blue dye for better visbility reasons. Also just a reminder when coming down through Birch Run or any park of that matter and you see park crew members shaping ramps or landings please be courteous and ride clear of them.

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Park Conditions

All six parks including Knights Revenge are open and are in great condition. This Saturday we are hosting a USASA slopestyle event in the Zone so it will be closed to the public but we encourage spectators to come on up and watch a great event!

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Minor change-up in Birch Run

Today we changed up a couple lines in Birch Run because we weren’t happy with the flow of things. Now we feel the park is set up a little bit better and will be more enjoyable to ride. Out parks should be in great condition heading into the weekend especially with the snow we are expecting later tonight. Our park groomers will be hard at work early tomorrow morning making sure things are all set for Friday. Tomorrow should be an excellent day for skiing and riding!

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Sessions in The Zone – February 12, 2014

Vermont dispatched 14 athletes to this Winter’s Olympic games – and all of them will be hitting the slopes in Sochi. Smuggs TV spent much of last week in Smugglers’ premiere terrain park, The Zone. We set out to show you some of the new features our parks department added in response to your feedback. But with the Olympics in full swing, we couldn’t help but wonder if the next generation of Slopestyle competitors are or soon will be cutting their teeth here at Smuggs? When the Olympics are serving us well, they remind us that anything is possible.

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Birch Run & Zone Alterations

Yesterday we changed up Birch Run and the Zone, shuffled around some rails and boxes along with building a couple new jumps in Birch Run. We built a small step-up style jump in Birch Run so make sure you are aware of your speed before going off of it. Please remember the smart style rules when riding, safety is the most important thing when entering our parks. Log  Jam and Playground are still in superb shape, so expect all of our parks to be in great riding condition over the next couple days. Hopefully this storm hits us tomorrow which would make for some great riding in Knights Revenge!

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Monday Park Update

After a busy weekend the parks are still holding up and are in great shape. We picked up some new snow last night which really helped recondition the parks. We will be making some minor modifactions in the Zone to accommodate for the slope style event we have on the 22nd of this month. We will also be changing up a couple features in Birch Run to freshen up some lines. During the next couple days expect Birch Run and the Zone to be closed early morning due to maintance and feature alteration.

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Knights Revenge is Open!

Finally the ropes are dropped on Knights Revenge! It’s currently dumping right now and shows no sign of stopping, all of our parks will be freshly groomed in the morning and should be in excellent condition. We were able to get into the Zone today and add four more features, 3 boxes and a down kink rail, so now you have options other than strictly jumps.

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Zone Modifications

Zone020714Now that we have some available rails our next move is to shuffle some into the Zone. We plan on putting a couple in just below the mid-way point so you will be able to choose between the bottom hits or the rails. The Zone was freshly groomed this morning and is in excellent condition. Besides the Zone, Birch Run, Playground, and Log Jam were also freshly tuned up this morning so all of our parks with the exception of Knights Revenge will be looking nice going into tomorrow. With this expected snow to hit some time tomorrow we hope to get Knights Revenge open but that is all dependent on the accumulation.

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