The Run Down


The weather is warming up and the sun is shining. All of the parks are riding great, however keep in mind that as the surfaces see more sun and warm they can change quickly. Check your features before you ride and enjoy the days to come.

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Knights Revenge

With all of the snow Knights Revenge is riding great. Our conditions are as good as we have had in some time. All of the parks are tuned and ready for the vacation week. Birch Run is closed today for the USASA slope style event but will be open after that all week. We anticipate fifty plus competitors in this slopestyle so come and check it out.

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We were prepping Birch Run this morning for the event tomorrow. It took a little longer then anticipated but should be open by noon. Everything is riding well in there and we will leave the set up as is for the coming vacation week.

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Birch Run has been reworked for the slopestyle competition. We changed the hits so there is better flow and more pop. This trail will be closed to the public on Saturday but we have all of our other parks open plus the Rails for Ryan set up will remain open through the weekend.

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Birch Run

We will be hosting a USASA slope type in Birch Run on Saturday the 21st. We will be modifying some features Thursday this week in the morning. This means the trail will be closed in the a.m and also on Saturday for the event.

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Night Event

The Rails for Ryan event went great. Thanks to all of the participants that braved the cold weather. The cold temps make for good park surfaces but remember to bundle up and stay warm.

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3rd Annual Rails for Ryan

This Friday in front of the Base Lodge we will be hosting our benefit for the Flyin’ Ryan Foundation. The event starts at 6:00 pm and goes until 8:00¬†pm. Registration starts at 4 in the afternoon at the Base Lodge. For more details see our events page.
On another note we have been getting alot of snow. We have been busy digging features out and keeping them ridable. Due to the amount of soft snow we noticed that the in run ramp for the Zone was becoming a challenge. So we built it up to increase your run in. This should allow for easier clearing of the jumps. Don’t forget about Knights Revenge, with all of the powder it is riding great.

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We have been getting snow storm after snow storm making for great conditions. We have been busy trying to get the parks dug out and have completed a new set in Playground, including a couple of progression hips and a small intro box. Birch Run will see some slight changes throughout the week. We will be adjusting some of the ramps and a few rails as well as giving the jumps a bit more pop.

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Playground update and Rails for Ryan

Our parks are starting to look better and better with all of this fresh snow! The Playground Terrain Park is currently being reworked, it should have an updated look for this weekend. We are looking forward to our Rails for Ryan event which will be taking place under the lights in front of the base lodge. Rails for Ryan will be held next Friday, February the 13th. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Birch Run Done

We finished tuning the upper end of Birch Run today. Look for a couple progression boxes and some updated rails, including our rainbow box. We also squeezed in another jump for a total of three. We will be focusing on the Zone in the coming days and adding some rails to the upper side of that and increase our feature count in playground.

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