The Run Down

Log Jam is Finished

Log Jam was completed yesterday and is now officially open. It’s currently offering three boxes at the top, mini half pipe at the bottom and numerous terrain based features in between. Playground and Birch Run are still in very good condition and riding excellent. The Zone will be open tomorrow offering four smaller hits at the top and four larger hits at the bottom. The bigger hits on the bottom half are roughly 35 feet from lip to knuckle which should make for some great big air jumps. Riglet is also open now which means all of our parks will be open tomorrow! This Friday we will be having the Rails for Ryan event which starts at 6:00 pm and goes until 8:00 pm, so come out on Friday to see a great competition!

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Zone Progress

We will be working in the Zone again today trying to get those hits finished so hopefully that will be completed soon. As for Birch Run and Playground they are both in good shape and holding up really nice due to this very cold weather we have been getting. Snow makers left us a good sized pile to start creation on Riglet which should be getting built sometime this weekend. As for now the two current parks that are open are riding great!

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Park Conditions

The snow we picked up last night and early this morning really helped improve conditions in both Birch Run and Playground. We will be hard at work in the Zone today shaping hits and landings, but still no definite date on when that will be completed. As for now both Birch Run and Playground are riding excellent and hopefully conditions will hold up nice due to this nice weather we are getting. Happy Monday!

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Playground is officially open

Playground_011614Thanks to last nights snowfall and the on-going accumulation we were able to complete Playground this morning, offering 5 features from top to bottom. The new snow really helped re-condition Birch Run and now its riding better than ever. Both parks should be in great condition heading into the weekend!

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Birch Run is re-opened

After a tough couple days of inclement weather and sub par conditions in the park it is re-opened and ready to ride. We were able to change up some of the features in there and add a couple new rails/boxes that you haven’t seen yet this year. We now have 17 features from top to bottom so be sure to ride through it and let us know what you think. Construction is still on going in the Zone and that is now our primary focus.

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Birch Run Terrain Park

Jan-11-2014-birch-run-blogThere is a nice flow to the Birch Run Terrain Park, especially with 15 features
to choose from.





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The Zone update

We are still hard at work in the Zone moving snow so hopefully that will be ready to go soon enough, that is if the weather this weekend doesn’t make things worse. Birch Run is still fairly firm, we have been getting in there every morning grooming it so conditions in there haven’t changed much. They have been blowing snow in Playground, we widened the trail this summer so look for some new features this year once its completed. And don’t forget about our Rails for Ryan event coming up on the 31st!

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Conditions in Birch Run

Right now Birch Run is very firm due to the volatile weather we have received over the past week. With that being said it’s going to take us a couple days to rejuvenate conditions back to what they once were. Once temps level off it will allow us to get in there and lay down a much better ridable surface.

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Beautiful Saturday

The sun is shining and Birch Run still remains to be in excellent shape! It was freshly groomed this morning so it should make for some good riding all weekend. The Zone is still a work in progress as we will have a cat in there most of the day moving snow and getting the jump line set up along with other features. Enjoy the weekend!

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Construction in the Zone

We were able to get into the Zone today and start construction so be sure to check back for progress on that! Birch Run is still holding up nice due to all of this cold weather we have been getting and the couple inches we picked up last night really helped out.

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