The Run Down

Burton Riglet Park’s new location


Burton Riglet Park Treehouse

The Burton Snowboard Riglet Park Treehouse has a new home! Once located at the top of Sir Henry’s Hill, it is now located in the greeting area behind the Meeting House.  Now our youngest snowboard kiddos will be able to walk right out to the Treehouse and get to some shreddin’!

The Burton Riglet Park Treehouse is a piece of the beginner terrain area that we will be creating for all of our youngest skiers & riders.  As conditions permit, we will be building an entire shaped terrain park designed for active ski & snowboard progression at the beginner level.  In the next few days we will have the ramps and stairs on it, and will be ready for snow!





























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Another new log rail

New rail KnightsThe best thing about mild, early November weather is that we get to take care of projects that we thought we ran out of time for. The spruce tree we used here came from a big blow down in the upper part of the park. Some careful winch work by J.B. got the tree out of the blow down and to an area where I could get er’ all cut up. Today, we had the chance to put the thing together.

New Rail knights2Both pieces are pretty heavy. Thankfully Ira, a.k.a Hercules, from the our Ski & Ride School (SSU) was available to help get it set today. We planed it down so that the top is ski-friendly. This rail is located half-way down the lower section, on the left side.

Take a walk through and check it out! – Rabbitnew rail knights3

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Improvements in Knight’s Revenge

Knights revenge

New Bridge Rail

A couple of features got changed around this fall in Knight’s Revenge.  Gone is the broken down old bridge rail in the lower section. New is the one in the picture.  It’s been planed down pretty far to make it flatter & wider for those on skis.  There’s a little up-bumper on the end of it to give just a wee-bit of pop.

There’s been a few other minor tweaks, but rather than just ramblin’ on about it, drop in off of Link and look for them yourself! -Rabbit

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Park Smart

Park-Smart-Sign-JPEGx-209x300You will be seeing new signage in the Parks. They are the updated version of our Smart Style signs that you see before entering the Parks. Remember to always be safe and considerate around all features. We want everyone to have a safe and fun season.

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Mikes Mt Ops 019



It was cold this weekend and the ground is white from the snow. We are gearing up for another season and the tower fan gun is installed in the Zone. This will allow us to build more features on the skiers left of the trail. We are continuing our production of rails including the new wall ride that we finished fabrication on last week.

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Winter is Coming

IMG_0452The weather is getting cooler and our Park staff is gearing up for another season in the Parks. Some of the upgrades this year are a new tower fan gun installed in the Zone. This should allow use to use the full width of the trail for jumps and jibs. The new building at the bottom of the zone will give us room to modify and build rails as the season progresses. New rails are already starting to take shape within it. Including a free span trapezoid and wall ride! There are more rails planned so stay tuned.

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Birch Run

Due to the extreme variations in the weather we have had deteriorating conditions in Birch Run. We have spent most of Saturday trying to Rebuild all of the features but will need a couple of days to get things back in shape. We will open to the public soon however ramps to the features are less then optimal so use caution.

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Final Weeks

The Pond Skim was last weekend and marks our final event of the season. The next couple of weeks we will maintain the features we have open. Keep in mind that as weather warms up there may be some features removed if they become unstable. Birch Run will stay open until our close date. Playground will most likely last until the closing of M1 and M2. The Rails in the Zone will remain as long as we can keep them there but due to the amount of snow moved for the pond it does not look like we will be able to build anymore jumps in the lower area.

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Warmer weather is coming so enjoy the conditions. Birch Run is holding up great but we are expected to see some rain through tomorrow. That means Friday the trail may be under some repair. Expect a delayed opening  in some of the parks. Our plan is to keep Birch Run until the end.

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Pond Skim

The Pond Skim is scheduled for April 4th . As mentioned before we will begin construction at the end of March. This means one more week of having the current hits in the Zone. If there is enough snow we will build a lower set for the remainder of the season. We will also try to keep the rails intact that were set up for the Molly Rail Jam. All of the other parks are holding up great and awaiting the spring conditions.

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