The Run Down

Still making snow

We had a bit of a lapse in the weather but our fearless snowmakers are at it again in Lower Birch Run. If all goes well we should be able to start construction by the weekend. Keep in mind it will take a couple of days to get things up to speed in there so expect the finished product by earlier next week.

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Snowmaking On Lower Birch Has Begun

Today snowmakers started making snow on the lower half of Birch Run. We hope for cooler tempatures so snowmaking can continue. Upper Birch Run will remain open with four features. When the lower half is completed and features are in place we will re-open the bottom. Weather permitting we will close the top for more snowmaking and reconstruction, this should allow you to have features to ride while we complete the park.

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Birch Run Open

We installed five rails in Birch run for the weekend. Don’t worry there are more arriving soon. We plan on having more snowmaking later in the week, which will allow us to build the park to its full potental.

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Smugglers’ – Special Announcement!

Thanks to the hard work of our snowmakers with a little help from Mother Nature, we’re pleased to announce that we will be opening Sterling this Saturday and Sunday (November 22nd and 23rd). Available trails will include Upper Rumrunner, Crossover, Treasure and Lower Exhibition.

Lift tickets will be available at early season rates at the base lodge ticket window.

The mountain will be closed Monday-Thursday (November 24th – 27th), and will open for the season on Friday, November 28th.

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Mother Nature starts her Winter job

Blog110714Photo by Hugh Johnson

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Pond Skim

pond skimTomorrow we will be hosting the last event of the year which is the Pond Skim. We are going to try and keep Birch Run open for as long as possible but that’s all dependent on weather. Spring skiing is at an all time high right now so hopefully we will get some good sun tomorrow for the Pond Skim!






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Molly Rowlee Rail Jam – March 15, 2014

We just barely squeezed in the Molly Rail Jam benefit in the Zone this year. Barreling in from both sides was a March squall and heavy fog. Shaka bra!

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Deep Snow


Another brisk day up here at Smuggs and conditions are still all time. As you can see the snow is deep and ready for the taking. Log Jam got a good reshape this morning and the Zone is still under construction for the Big Air event that is taking place this weekend. Knights Revenge is riding very nice at the moment thanks to all this natural snow we have been getting. Birch Run is also in great condition so come on up and experience it for yourself.


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Monday Update

Airbag032314This past weekend we hosted the USAirbag event and it went great, so hopefully you were able to come up and check it out. This coming weekend we are having the Big Air event in the Zone so the Zone will be closed most of the week due to construction. All the other parks are holding up great because of the low temps we have been experiencing along with the sporadic snowfalls. Spring skiing is starting to look very promising and our pond skim event is coming up a couple weekends from now so plan on that being a fun event to watch/participate in.

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Conditions and Upcoming Events

AirBagCurrently the Zone is closed due to construction but Birch Run, Playground, and Log Jam are still holding up nicely. This Friday will be the first day of three where we will have an airbag set up in the Zone so come on out and try some insane tricks you’ve always wanted to try. Pictured above is the airbag ramp so hopefully it’s big enough for you! The weekend of the 28th we are hosting a Big Air event so anticipate the Zone to be closed prior to that event.



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