Birch Run Terrain Park

Located at the base of Sterling Mountain and parallel to Lower Exhibition. This park is designed for intermediate level skiers and riders to test their skills. Birch Run comprises a 1200-foot run over two acres with modified table tops, rolls, rails, hits and spines. Birch Run allows the skier or rider to choose a line. What you will see, right from the top, is side-by-side features placed closer together.

IMG_0084This park is intended to be more of a flow park, meaning there is not much room for stopping between features, and park riders can flow from one to another without breaking rhythm. Also, get ready for jumps that put you up in the air more than the others, allowing for more air-time to practice new tricks and spins. Take a minute in this park to listen, and you will hear the sound of metal on metal; metal rails are an addition you will find in Birch Run.