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"It's a great environment to work in. The people are awesome."

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Smugglers' rewards its employees for each referred friend or relative that is hired. After a period of at least 30 days of employment, the referring employee receives a $200 bonus.

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Notch Necessarily the News is available every Thursday to all employees. Stories and photos are always welcome - get in touch with Sam McDowell in Human Resouces at smcdowell@smuggs.com

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Weekly Guest of One Nomination(s):

Charlie Burgess & Dalton Slayton
A male guest lost his wedding ring while staying at Smuggs recently. Believed to be lost in the Evergreen building parking lot area. The guest was looking for the ring when some Smuggs grounds employees noticed he was looking for something and offered to help. The following is a excerpt from the guest email thanking these employees for their help.
Guest email excerpt below:

“I also must point out that as soon as I noticed I lost it, which was the Saturday night that we checked in, Charlie from Grounds noticed I was looking for something and offered to help when he had time. I was very grateful that he would offer to help. We arranged it for him to look and another gentleman from Grounds, Dalton, also helped try to find it in the parking lot between Evergreen and the main lobby. These two guys should get the "Employee of the Month" or be especially rewarded as they searched for several hours over a period of several days looking for the ring with metal detectors. I was deeply touched at their kindness and dedication and while the rest of the trip was good other than that unfortunate mistake, I will always remember their efforts day after day as they searched for the ring. I realize that they are very busy and did not have to do it, but they went above and beyond their call of duty. “

Zadock Monteith-Mason
Guests were having problems with the cable TV service in their home and really wanted wo watch a basketball game this past weekend. Zadock came in on his normal day-off to help debug the problem which turned out to be a bad cable splitter. The small part was replaced and the guest was delighted to be able to watch the basketball game that night.

How Do You Like Us Mentions:

  • Dani Goddu-McFarland x3
  • Shay Whitaker
  • Andy, June, & Pam (SSU)
  • Diedre Tascarella
  • Lydia Brown
  • Ben Childs
  • Kaylee Rumley
  • Martha Gamble x3
  • Hesi Correa
  • Brian Jessiman x3
  • Kristy Stillwell
  • Peter Southwick
  • Mary-Ann (Mtn Grill)
  • Allison Dabrowski
  • Wade Chivington
  • Katie Ste. Marie
  • Marshall Clark
  • Larry Arnold x3

Be a Smuggler Rewards Program:

Take advantage of all that Smugglers' has to offer. Regular exercise and activity improves health, mood, and attitude. PLUS, with the Rewards Program you can earn Smugglers' Gold for checking out the great programs and facilities that our guests experience while on vacation with us.

How the Program works:

  • Participate in or attend any of the Resort activities listed in the brochure.
  • Visit the nearest reward stamp location within 1/2 hour of completing the activity.
  • When you've collected 10 stamps on your rewards card, turn it in at Guest Services.
  • Receive $20 in Smugglers' Gold to spend at any Resort location!

Reward Stamp Location:

  • Human Resources

Employee Benefits:

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