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"It's a great environment to work in. The people are awesome."

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Smugglers' rewards its employees for each referred friend or relative that is hired. After a period of at least 30 days of employment, the referring employee receives a $200 bonus.

Employee Newsletter:

Notch Necessarily the News is available every Thursday to all employees. Stories and photos are always welcome - get in touch with Mike Chait in Public Relations at mediarelations@smuggs.com

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Weekly Guest of One Nomination(s):

Aleksey Mikheyev
During the walk up to the top of the Stowe lift a guest in the middle of the group was having problems with her snowshoes. Mickey (not working at the time) dropped back from the group of employees that he was with in order to assist her with reattaching her shoe and adjusting her bindings. Mickey’s help greatly improved this guests experience.

Paul Kayhart
PK (Paul Kayhart) for Guest of One. I was working with a retail guest since November, planning her marriage proposal to her boyfriend during their visit this past weekend. Due to weather and their lack of alpine skiing skill we had to come up with multiple ideas about how we could make this proposal memorable and intertwine the mountain experience. On Friday morning, PK brought the guest up to the ice caves in the Notch so that she could see this location, which she liked. Later that day PK brought up champagne, cider, and glasses so that everything would be perfect for the proposal once they arrived. We heard back from her this morning and she was so thankfully and excited to inform us that he said YES!

Pam Levasseur and Martha Gamble
Pam Levasseur and Martha Gamble of SSU solved a kid's ski equipment issue with new guests to Smuggs. The parents tried to find the proper skis and boots for their children before coming to Smuggs from rural Ontario. As soon as the kids checked into Pam's class on Monday, Pam assessed the ski and boot length of the 3 year old and determined that the boots were too big and the skis were about 8" too long! This was a set up for failure.

Pam alerted Martha about this issue and when all the other camp kids were checked in for the day, Martha came over and suggested renting the proper skis and boots. The parents were ok with this, but very anxious to get to their lessons on time, so she took the parents to the rental shop and assisted them in the process of selecting the correct ski length and boot size. Their week has been a complete success with the 3 yr. old now skiing from mid-station and the 5 yr. old loving the sport and skiing from the top of Morse! The parents are thrilled with their kid's progress and with their lessons as well.

Raymond Brior
A guest arrived to check in to the Evergreen building. After checking in with Ray they went to park and unpack but unfortunately their parking spot was filled with snow. They came back to the desk and explained the parking situation. Ray took it upon himself to grab a shovel and dig out the parking spot so that they could get started on their vacation. The guest was beyond thankful that Ray was willing to leave his post at the desk and quickly solve their issue.

How Do You Like Us Mentions:

  • Charlie Rice, Ryan Wimble, Quincy Walter, Alfred Stryffeler, Pam Levasseur, Ron Carter, & Chris Cline.

Be a Smuggler Rewards Program:

Take advantage of all that Smugglers' has to offer. Regular exercise and activity improves health, mood, and attitude. PLUS, with the Rewards Program you can earn Smugglers' Gold for checking out the great programs and facilities that our guests experience while on vacation with us.

How the Program works:

  • Participate in or attend any of the Resort activities listed in the brochure.
  • Visit the nearest reward stamp location within 1/2 hour of completing the activity.
  • When you've collected 10 stamps on your rewards card, turn it in at Guest Services.
  • Receive $20 in Smugglers' Gold to spend at any Resort location!

Reward Stamp Locations:

  • Tennis Center
  • Activities Desk
  • Guest Service Desk

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