Yummy, yummy, yummy – Vermont in the tummy!

Feb 18, 2014 VT Food 2Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Ski Vermont was here today promoting Vermont Specialty Food Day by spotlighting world famous VT products from Cabot Cheese, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Green Mountain Coffee. Also offering samples for our guests were Cacao Matteo Chocolatier (sweets, dude!), Kimball Brook Farm with organic milks and creams, Vermont Smoke and Cure Real Sticks made from turkey, Butternut Mountain Farm with sugar on snow, and It’s Arthur’s Fault! with sauces, marinades, syrups, and dry rubs.To quote Fergie, which I don’t do often, it was “tasty-tasty”.

P.S. Teo (pictured on the left) of Cacao Matteo Chocolatier was one of the main organizers of the first Extreme Skiing Challenge, the second one is coming up on Sunday, March 9th.

Rockin' Ron

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