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I noticed that the Ski Patrol Toboggans have a patroller name and a number on them. I was curious so I asked Ski Patroller Robert Stuart a.k.a. “Radar” and “Rob Bob Stew” if he could explain the meaning of the name and number mystery. He not only told me about the National Appointment Award but, he also provided a list of Smugglers’ Notch Ski Patrollers who have received this award. I was really impressed with the number of Smuggs Ski Patrollers who have received this reward, especially after I read what it takes to receive one! I want to thank Robert Stuart for his time and great information. jim thompsonI also want to thank all of our patrollers for all they do to help keep us safe so that we can enjoy skiing and riding the mountains that we love.

Here is the description of the National Appointment award that Robert Stuart gave me.

Intent:  A patroller with a National Appointment is an individual who has demonstrated leadership, good character, diplomacy, a positive attitude, good judgment, exemplary qualities of patrolling ability, a genuine desire to serve the skiing public, and an extraordinary service to the National Ski Patrol.

bill shiffler.jpg smReceiving a National Appointment is not something for which a patroller, volunteer or paid, can work or plan.  A patroller does not apply for an Appointment.  The Appointment should be overdue, rather than premature, but tenure alone is never an adequate criterion.  To obtain this classification, a patroller must be nominated.  An Appointment is not intended to be a retirement award.

The Smugglers’ Notch Ski Patrol has 34 recipients of this award in its 60-year history.

They may be some names you are familiar with.

1952  Albert H. McAuslan                                            1990  Richard F. Hamlin

1960  Donald Hamlin                                                    1990  George A. McIntosh

1969  Bradford Perkins                                                 1990  Charles J. Sasso

1970  Harry G. Marshall                                               1990  Doug Shaw

1970  Guy Deighton                                                       1991  Dave Sills

1974  James P. MacDougall                                         1993  Richard C. Dodge

1975  W.R. Scott                                                            1993  Louise Potter

1975  Marjorie E. Gepfert                                            1994  Mark D. Oettinger

1976  Kenneth LaPlante                                               1994  Nanette Nuebel

1976  Thomas J. Raub                                                   1997  William A. Moore

1976  William E. Shiffler                                               1997  Teigh Southworth

1977  Jacqueline R. Goss                                              2000  Carolyn Paddock-Moore

1980  Gretchen Besser                                                 2005  Linda Helms

1988  Kirk L. Bosworth                                                 2005  Tim Bird

1989  Peter M. Kochalka                                              2005  Jay C. Whitney

1989  Ken Laplante, Jr.                                                 2005  Mark Archambault

2015  Rena Perkins

2016  Riley Glanz

Hugh Johnson


  1. are there years missing Hugh? I can think a patrol legend or two that certainly are deserving and perhaps were recognized between ’05 and ’14?

    • This is the list that Ski Patroller Robert Stuart gave me. I agree there are more patrollers that deserve this award.

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