Billy Bob Bear surveys his kingdom


Photo by Jayden Lepsic and Jared Salls.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. On top of old Smokey? No, we’re not talking about the Smokey Mountains or Smokey the Bear, we’re talking the Green Mountains and Billy Bob Bear. Our favorite bear ventured to the top of Madonna Mountain for the first time! He finally got to experience how much fun it can be to ski Upper Chilcoot. Normally he’d be hiber-napping (he’s so busy with all the parties with all the families that he doesn’t have time to do full-on hibernation).





Photo by Jared Salls and Jayden Lepsic

After Town Meeting, I also skied Upper Chilcoot, hair pinning onto Catwalk to Lower Catwalk (sorry Mogul Mouse, I know you don’t like those “Cat” trails), to the adrenaline rush that is Shuttle, making a mellow completion of that run on Lower Rumrunner – with a little Rumrunner Variation for good measure. I finished the day with the nearly 3 mile run of Upper Chilcoot > Catwalk > Upper FIS > Lower Doc’s > Ruthies > Curley’s Cutback > Meadowlark. Back at the Snow Report Office, I now compose run-on sentences for your pleasure – HAHA!



Rockin' Ron

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