Tower 10 on April 10


tower 10

Tower 10 on April 10.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s the 10th of April and we’re still goin’ strong, with excellent snow coverage. The Sterling Lift is operating and servicing 22 trails. This weekend, in addition to Sterling, the Madonna I Lift will be operating and we should have close to 40 trails.

Let me give you thel 4-11 on 4-10… it’s Ben & Jerry’s FREE CONE DAY. Our Scoop Shop located in the Village Lodge, will be open till 8 pm tonight serving free cones. Mm, mm, mm!!!

free cone

Don’t miss FREE CONE DAY!

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Rockin' Ron


  1. Free ICE CREAM! If I leave now I just might make it!
    Could you imagine?
    Great Season Smuggs Family! Happy Summer!

  2. I had a scoop of Chunky Monkey in your honor Rick! We look forward to your family’s next visit. Safe sailin’ till then.
    -Rockin’ Ron

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