Faces and Places (but I missed the Races)

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. We are totally lovin’ having 100% of our trails open! Hangman’s Drop dropped off the open list in the morning, but re-opened later in the day, as did Freefall from the top. While taking a run through 3 Mountain Glades, with Seth “Carv-ison” from the Activities Department, I lost my phone. Luckily, with a revisit to a certain tree stump, I found it! By then it was time for lunch at the Black Bear Tavern – cheese fries with veggie chili! Apres food, traversing from Madonna to Sterling, I saw the famous, fur-hatted skier Steve and his buddy John on Drifter. We had a nice chat about local history. I wanted to get photos of the Women’s FIS Race on Black Snake, but one of the racers told me I was too late. Some other faces I saw belonged to Angie, Mike, George, Anne, Rachel, Oliver, Sherm, Molly, and Brandon.

Longtime Passholder, former liftie, and Smuggs fixture Steve and his friend John on Drifter. Face it, John, your hat is not as cool as Steve’s.
A Mount Mansfield Academy FIS Racer.
Seth coming out of Red Fox Glades onto Madonna Liftline.
Festively delivered advice on where to put your Season Pass or Lift Ticket.
Seth on Drifter with me and my shadow.
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Rockin' Ron

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