3 days left

Sterling with great coverage seen from Madonna
Lower Madonna Liftline

It never froze last night, so the conditions were pretty soft. My trail pick of the day was Smugglers’ Alley. It was groomed and had a nice layer of corn snow on top. Tomorrow we plan to have the Madonna I Lift and Sterling Lift operating. We have 33 trails open with terrain for intermediates and experts only. We plan to groom 18 trails tonight, including Upper FIS, Drifter, Chilcoot, Smugglers’ Alley, Thomke’s, and Black Snake for a grand total of 77 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Tomorrow’s colder temperatures will give us surface conditions of machine groomed and variable with average base depths of 12 to 50 inches. Currently, it is partly cloudy and 48 degrees at the summit of Sterling with winds of 10 to 15 mph. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for partly sunny skies, breezy with a high of 33 degrees at the base and 27 degrees at higher elevations.

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Hugh Johnson

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