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You’re my blues sky, you’re my sunny day. Madonna as seen from Midway.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Lots of things are happening here at the Resort and I couldn’t come up with a theme. So, this’ll be a grab bag blog.

CONDITIONS UPDATE: Mark Delaney of Mountain Operations says “Wednesday afternoon through Thursday brings another warm-up. This may allow us to get more skiing open if it softens, especially Thursday afternoon. Friday brings falling temps and maybe some snow, and we’ll be working nonstop Friday night to deliver plenty of groomed terrain for this weekend.”

CELEBRITY SIGHTING: While delivering this morning’s report I ran into former Smugglers’ Notch President Bob Mulcahy. He skies every Wednesday with the 55+ Club. He’s always got a smile to share and a hearty hello. He even has a trail named after him on Madonna Mountain called Mulcahy’s Link.

VALENTINE’S DAY MOMENT: Waterville Elementary School had one of their weekly Learn-to-Ski/Snowboard sessions today. I often visit the school and perform as the Friendly Pirate. I saw our head snowmaker Justin’s daughter and she said “Happy Valentine’s Day Rockin’ Ron!”

WONDER BACK WEDNESDAY: After cruising down Upper Drifter in the sunshine, I called Stacy of IT/PR. We skied it together many years ago with our friends Carol and Nadine. I told her it brought back fun memories. She sarcastically told me “thanks” because she was sitting in the office and not skiing on the mountain.

k club

Join the Club that all the Kids are talking about!

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: I was able to get a run on one of my other favorite trails… Ruthies. This winding trail has some great views and is the best was to get back to Village. I used to be in an office with the Reservations Department in the Sycamores building, which is alongside the Meadowlark trail. I stopped in to see the friendly faces of Cheryl, Kendall, Kristie, and Lanaea. It was a great way to end another beautiful day of skiing.

KIDS’ CLUB: If your family is staying at the Resort this coming weekend, check out Kids’ Club. Stickers, Coloring Book, Coupons and more great stuff for the KIDS!