Updates and Dates


Boy and Girl sittin’ on the Lift. What will they get for gifts? 3 Mountain Outfitters coats to wear? Lake Champlain Chocolates, or Vermont Teddy Bears?

Rockin’ for Hugh for Hugh. February has delivered 40″ of snow to our mountains! A recent freeze-thaw cycle has dropped our trail count from 100%, but the snow is still there. In the words of one of our Smugglers: “it’s Mother Nature’s way of preserving the goods”. Anticipated warmer temps and a little bit o’ snowfall should bring the numbers back up quite quickly. In the meantime, our Groomers are working their cats off!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! To celebrate, we have some sweetheart deals at 3 Mountain Outfitters (clothing and more), the Perk & Country Store (sweets and treats), and at our Ticket Booths (Lift Ticket specials). Who will you take on a date?

In honor of the Winter Olympics, the Activities Department has come up with daily Winter Games (through February 24th). Fun challenges for the whole family. Go for the GOLD and free HC at the Hot Chocolate Warm Up.

BTW – Hugh took the photos. All I have left to say is #smuggslove.


Roses are red. Intermediate trails are Blue. I love to go skiing at Smuggs with YOU!