The more the merrier: Planning travel with another family

Traveling with another family can be lots of fun! There are several benefits: both adults and children have others to interact with beyond immediate family,  the diversity of interests within the group may entice everyone to try activities that they might not typically select, and sharing vacation costs can result in savings. Of course, traveling with another family can also create challenges – those are bound to happen with more people in the mix! But happily, with proper planning and forethought many of these challenges can be managed ahead of time.

Family games Smugglers' Notch VermontMany groups of families and friends plan their vacations at Smugglers’ Notch Resort, attracted by the varied menu of activities for all ages, comfortable lodging, and beautiful mountain setting. If you’re considering a getaway with another family, these tips from the resort’s vacation planning staff will put you on the road to a well-planned vacation.

  • Start planning as early as you can in order to select dates that accommodate everyone’s busy schedules and to secure a destination that is attractive to all travelers. If you’re pulling together a large group or reunion, Smugglers’ group vacations staff recommends starting your planning six months to a year ahead.
  • Have a conversation about your vacation budget, particularly if you’re considering sharing costs on particular activities or amenities.
  • Discuss what type of lodging will best serve your group. You may want a common area to gather in or ground floor lodging for convenience and accessibility. Seek out lodging with full kitchens if you’d like to prepare some meals. If you’re looking for ways to trim cost, consider sharing a large accommodation versus having each family in their own space. Sharing space typically yields some savings.
  • Identify your recreational interests. What’s on everyone’s wish list? Is there interest in individual activities as well as group activities?Swimming lagoon Smugglers' Notch Vermont
  • After considering your lodging needs and recreational interests, look for destinations that are good matches.
  • Once you’ve reserved your dates, be sure to communicate any individual requirements to the host property. For example, it’s best to check in with the destination prior to arrival to discuss  special dietary needs or to make arrangements for cots or cribs.
  • There may be additional activities that entice you once you arrive at your destination. Consider adding a little extra into your budget for these special additions.
  • Keep communication flowing during your getaway. Try not to sweat the small stuff.

Family picnic Smugglers' Notch Vermont


Enjoy your getaway! You’ll be making memories that will stay with you for years to come!

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