SSU wants YOU!

SSU March 2

This SSU sign is near the Sterling Lift corral. You can see the snow coming down.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Uncle Sam wants you and SSU* does too! They want you to learn how ski and ride, or how to ski and ride BETTER. Whether its working with the youngest snowboarders at the Burton Riglet Park, or skiing down Freefall with an expert group, or enjoying the camaraderie of the Women’s Weekly Clinics, they have something for everyone! From hour long Private Lessons to day long Camps, from Level 1 to Level 9, come one, come all. Its true, SSU want YOU.

*SSU is an acronym for Snow Sport University. In the summer it becomes SFU or Summer Fun University.




Mountains of Adventure, Mountains of FUN


Madonna Mountain Trails, L to R: Doc Dempsey’s (a small section is visible), Upper FIS, Freefall (with a clump of trees in the middle), and Upper Liftline (featuring the headwall where the Extreme Challenge takes place on March 8th).

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Of course I love all the great skiing that Smuggs has to offer, and it has been extremely GREAT lately! I also enjoy the social aspect of our friendly mountain. I ran into SSU legend Sherm White in Green Peppers and he said he was looking forward to reading the Blog. I shared a joke with Fletch and Doug who were holding court in the Black Bear with regulars and irregulars including Larry & Michele from Long Island, Tom & June from New Jersey, and Jean from Vermont (famous for her Maple Cotton Candy). I got to say hi to Steve Wry of Mountain Ops. He told me that Matt McCawley, also filling in for Hugh this week, was in the first group of Mitey Mites kids along with his daughter. I exchanged greetings with Sara, as she was cheerily checking tickets at the Madonna I Lift. My run of the day was the classic Chillycoot > Catwalk > Fizz > Lower Doc’s > Ruthie’s > Curley’s > Meadowlark. This ‘run’ is 2,610 feet of vertical and 3 miles of unadulterated joy and I dedicated it to recently departed friend and former Smuggs co-worker Bruce Tetrault.


Very Merry Larry & Merry Mamaroneck

Very Merry Larry    Zach

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I started off my ski day on Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift, where Legendary Lift Man, Larry Burnor likes to keep it merry – that’s how he rolls. Here he’s pictured brushing the snow off the chairs. Darn, if he’s not thoughtful too.

Later on I met up with my friends Jeff, Matt, Zach, and Andrew from Mamaroneck, NY. I’ve known J, M, and Z since they first came to the Resort 10 years ago. Zach was just a toddler when I first met him, now he’s almost a teenager and totally into snowboarding. Yesterday, he took lessons from SSU’s George Zavis and he graduated from Sir Henry’s to Lower Morse Liftline. He was linkin’ turns and lovin’ life (see photo above). As Jeff and I were getting on the Village Lift, I spotted another long time Smuggs Guest, Rob and his daughter Emily. It turns out that Rob and Jeff met each other at the Resort – Rob was born in Mamaroneck. It’s a Smuggs World after all.

Have a MERRY!


World Famous Cookie Race


hayleigh 1This has been a kid favorite here at Smuggs for a long time. It’s pretty easy to understand that kids like cookies. This race allows the kids to showcase the skills that they have learned while attending Snow Sport University. It’s also just a bunch of fun with balloons, hoops, teeter-totters, race gates, fun boxes, and even a friendly pirate.


Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program


blind snowboarde blogI was delivering the snow report in the Village this morning when I passed Sir Henry’s Learning and Fun Park. At first I did not notice anything out of the ordinary, until I saw a bright green pinny with “Blind Rider” on it. I have seen blind skiers before and I am always blown away with their ability to ski without sight. The faith and communication between the guide and rider/skier is imperative. I want to thank the Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program for doing an outstanding job of bringing the world of skiing and riding to people who would not normally be able to. These instructors are wonderful people whose job might take more patience, but the rewards of their efforts is priceless.


Ski-lightful und Snowboard-dacious


Feb 11, 2014 Upper DrifterRockin’ Ron for Hugh. 5 year old Rebecca from CT said “Walk on, Walkin’ Juan”. Molly from SSU said her new favorite word “Fab-u-loso”. Shay from SNAP essayed “awesome-possum”. Peter from F-L-A boasted “beaut-o-mous”. Marcela from Wyndham offered “feliz-tastic”. Well, after skiing on Upper Drifter (pictured here – looking up from the first hairpin turn) I wanted to shout “splen-diferous, shred-alicious, and un-be-flyin’-lievable”!!! I love Upper D and today reminded me of my second year at the Resort (back in the 90’s) when I had a GREAT day with Stacy from IT and two other co-workers. You can quote me as saying “ski-lightful und snowboard-dacious”.


Highlander Glades


blade blogThe forecast called for 4 to 6 inches of new snow today. We received an inch of new snow overnight. One of the great things about getting a snow storm during the day is that the conditions just keep getting better. As the snowfall totals went up so did the trail count. We opened Drifter for the first time this season, so I just had to ski it. We also opened Shuttle. I love the steep pitch on Shuttle and I found some nice powder on skier’s left. The lower section of Shuttle is not as steep as the top and usually holds snow very nicely. This section does not get hit by the wind much so; the snow stays light and fluffy. I would stay in someone else’s tracks to build up speed and then shoot into the deep powder which would slow me down again. I continued to play this game the rest of the way down Shuttle. I headed up Sterling next where I ran into Snow Sport University Instructor Blade and his class. They were enjoying the powder in Highlander Glades and so was I. Blade is pictured here having fun in the trees.


Doc Dempsey’s Glades


harley docs blog

I was going to take a run with my wife Harley this morning on Madonna Mountain. We were going by the Base Lodge when we ran into Matt from Snow Sport University who told us that we needed to ski Doc Dempsey’s. He also suggested that we hit the skier’s left hand side. The very top was a little thin but, it did not take long to get good. Matt was correct about the skier’s left hand side! Harley and I had a great run and also found some nice fresh tracks. Thanks for the good advice Matt.