Good morning

Smuggs Snowmaker Dave Gagnon says that they had a great night of snowmaking. They were able to make some really big piles of snow overnight. We are presently grooming out the snowmaking whales on Sir Henry’s Learning Hill. There will be small delay this morning opening Sir Henry’s and the Carpet due to the large amount of snow.  We have 2 lift operating and 25 trails open today. 30 inches of new snow in the past 9 days and we are expecting another 5 inches of snow Sunday night into Monday.


Great conditions and beginner terrain


We received another 4 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours and 26 inches in the past week. Our trail count is now up to 25 and we plan to open more terrain in the near future. The colder temperatures have allowed our snowmakers to move down to Morse Mountain. We are presently making snow on Sir Henry’s Learning Hill, Lower Morse Liftline, Riglet Park, and Meadowlark.  Tonight’s forecast is calling for temperatures between 0 and 12 degrees. Our snowmakers will be able to crank the water up and really make some snow tonight.  Sir Henry’s Learning Hill opened today for beginner skiers and riders. The Magic Carpet at Sir Henry’s Learning Hill will be operating tomorrow.  The forecast for tomorrow is calling for mostly cloudy skies with temperatures between 5 and 17 degrees. Wear an extra layer and enjoy the soft conditions.




Sir Henry’s Learning Hill

sir-henrysSir Henry’s Learning Hill will be open today. The Wonder Carpet is not running today, but we plan to have it running starting tomorrow. We received 2 to 3 inches of new snow overnight and 28 inches in the past 8 days. We are presently making snow on Meadowlark, Lower Morse Liftline, Riglet Park, Sir Henry’s, and the Magic Learning Trail.


Winter Wonderland

park-crewThe Birch Run Terrain Park is now open with 8 features. We received 2 to 4 inches of new snow today and 25 inches in the past week.

The forecast is calling for another 5 inches of new snow by Saturday night. We have colder temperatures moving into tonight, which will stay around through the weekend. We are presently making snow on Black Snake and Thomke’s Express. The colder temperatures will allow us to make snow at lower elevations on the mountain. Our snowmakers are ready to take full advantage of the colder temperatures and plan to make snow on the bottom half of Morse Mountain.  thomkes-expressWe plan have some beginner terrain open in the near future.









We plan to open the Birch Run Terrain Park at noon on Thursday.

birch-buildWe received another 3 inches of new snow last night and 21 inches in the past 6 days. Our trail count is more than 5 times what it was last Friday. The natural snowfall that we received along with round the clock snowmaking has really made a huge difference in the past week. Our snowmakers were busy last night on Thomke’s Express, Black Snake, Birch Run, and Practice Slope.  The snowmaking whales have been groomed out on Upper Birch Run and the rails are being installed. The final touches will be made tomorrow morning. We plan to have it ready to open by noon. The forecast is calling for some good snowmaking weather right through the weekend and up to 5 more inches of new snow by Friday night. race-femaleWe plan to have more terrain open this weekend. Tomorrow we plan to have the Sterling Lift operating with 21 trails open.  5 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 27 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Tomorrow’s forecast is flurries and a couple snow showers an inch of accumulation possible with temperatures between 20 and 32 degrees.   


Making the Scene


Looking toward Madonna Mtn from the Sterling Lift. You can glimpse the moon in the center of the sky through the flat light of a December afternoon.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh.

I got in my first turns of the season! With the Snow Macon, the Natch and the sunny skies, my timing was perfect. As I skied a Blue Trail, the late afternoon light cast a blue hue (not to be confused with Hugh) over the mountain.

It was great to breathe the mountain air and let the mountain scenery take my breath. You shoulda seen the scene.




Sleeper storm


We received 4 to 5 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours and 17 inches in the past 4 days.  The snow is getting deeper and the trail count is on the rise.  The conditions are just fantastic. The snow that we received Friday and Friday night we a little heavier and made for a good base.  The snow on top has been lighter because of the colder temperatures.  Smugglers’ Alley, Thomke’s Express, Pipeline Escape, and Lower Bootlegger from Thomke’s are all open now. This morning I got to ski a few runs with my good friends Teo and Pete. We had a blast on Lower Pipeline, Upper Treasure, Thomke’s, and Lower Bootlegger. Pete is the photo at the top of the page; he is finding some nice snow on Lower Bootlegger.  Teo looks like he is getting shot out of a cannon in the middle photo also on Lower Bootlegger. Teo is also the bottom photo where he is demonstrating how to lay them over in the fresh snow. I can’t wait till tomorrow to do it all over again! The forecast for tomorrow is partly sunny skies with temperatures between 25 and 36 degrees.




Snowmaking around the clock

pano-sir-henrysWe are presently making snow on Sir Henry’s Learning Hill, Thomke’s Express, Lower Rumrunner, Birch Run, and Smugglers’ Alley! We received 12 inches of new snow in the past 3 days. Our snowmakers having been busy down at Sir Henry’s Learning Hill. We have a window of colder temperatures down at the base areas and they are taking advantage of it. tele-exhibitionThey have snowguns all the way around Sir Henry’s Learning Hill right now. Tonight’s forecast looks good for snowmaking with temperatures in the teens and low 20’s. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for light snow 1 to 2 inches of accumulation possible with temperatures between 22 and 32 degrees. The Sterling Lift will be operating tomorrow with 15 trails open.