Words can’t describe it, and photos can’t do it justice. To watch the sky go from a bright sunny day to night and back to a sunny day in a few minutes is crazy. Sunsets, sunrises, and even a sundog! I’m still trying to take it all in. Tomorrow, we plan to have the Sterling Lift operating with 31 trails open. We have terrain open for intermediates and experts only. Currently, it is sunny again and 45 degrees at the summit of Sterling. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies with a high of 56 degrees at the base and 52 degrees at higher elevations.


Perfect day for an eclipse

Lift operations will be closing at 2 pm today for the solar event. Currently, it is sunny and 38 degrees at the summit of Sterling with winds of 0 to 5 mph. We have 3 lifts operating: Madonna I, Sterling, and the Village Lift. The sun is already working its magic, and wonderful spring conditions are headed our way! 33 trails have been groomed for today, including Snow Snake, Smugglers’ Alley, Thomke’s, Ruthie’s, and skier’s right on Upper FIS for a total of 139 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Today’s forecast is mostly sunny skies with a high of 51 degrees at the base and 46 degrees at higher elevations. Amazing visibility to watch the total solar eclipse!

Smuggy the snowman at mid-station on Madonna I

Sunshine Surprise

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The forecast said increasing clouds… well, they didn’t increase. It was a Sunshine Surprise Day. The 22 groomed trails were skiing great, and some natural snow trails opened around midday! Tomorrow, the Madonna I Lift is back online, which will bring our trail count to 30. All 30 trails will be groomed. SNOW ALERT: 8-18 inches forecasted for Wednesday into Thursday night! Ski U soon.

It was a nice surprise and my good “fortune” to ride the lift and take some runs with my friend and long-time Smuggler, Mike, from New Jersey. His 3 girls all learned to ski here! This is not his family’s normal week – they’re here through Monday for the Solar Eclipse.
Charles (of Madonna I Lift fame), Pippa, and Nilu make a “foray” on skis on Morse Mountain.
Christina aka “Eena” and Discovery Camp kids celebrate Tutu Tuesday.
“Can’t see the trails for the trees.” Sterling Mountain as viewed from Snow Snake on Morse Mountain.