Get in the Zone


Ozone blogI was riding the Sterling T-Bar this morning and I was checking out the new features in the Zone Terrain Park. The Smuggs Park Crew just installed five rails. I was watching the skiers and riders testing out the rails and jumps. There are four sets of jumps in the Zone with each set having two jumps. One jump is larger than the other, giving the skier/rider a choice of size. There was snowboarder who was only hitting the jumps. He had a smooth style and was nailing his tricks. I waited for him at the top of the T Bar and then chatted with him. He was recently in Utah and he was watching the progress of the Zone Terrain Park online from there. He was stoked to finally be here hitting the jumps. I was stoked to watch him and take photos. This picture here is my favorite because of his body position and he has the grab.