Another member of the Smuggs Family

Joe and I in front the Base Lodge

I would like you to meet Joe. Joe is from New Jersey and is here with a group. I was skiing Upper Drifter when I saw someone walking down the trail. I stopped to ask “what is going on”? Joe told me that “he rode his snowboard through a little water and now he has ice on the bottom of his board.” The ice on the bottom of his board would not allow him to slide. Joe did not have anything to scrap the ice off his board. I told Joe that “this has happened to me many times and it is easy to fix.” I took my skis off and used them to scrape the ice off his board. Joe said that “he was not able to keep up with his group because of ice on his board and he was not sure where to go.” I told Joe “No problem, let’s ski and ride down together. We will go to the Base Lodge and see if we can find anyone in your group.” When we got to the Base Lodge one of Joe’s friends was out in front of the ski racks looking for him. Joe was now back with his group and everybody was happy to see each other again. One thing I want to say about these young men I met today is that they are very nice and polite. Joe and his friends all shook my hand and gave me a sincere “Thank You.” It was wonderful to meet Joe and his friends. I hope you have a fantastic trip here at Smuggs and I hope to see you again.

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Hugh Johnson

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