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Perhaps the most beautiful corner of Vermont The New York Times

Discover the Nature of Smuggs!

All trails lead to exhilaration

Whether you choose one of our daily, guided walks on easier nature trails, one of our intermediate wikes, or a more vigorous, all-day hiking adventure, you're sure to find the perfect level of activity for yourself and your family. Many of our trails include portions of the Long Trail, and our experienced guides know just the right spots for the best views.

Feel free to explore on your own — we'll provide you with maps and directions for self-guided walks, wikes and hikes. Get an extra boost by participating in our Summer "Stretch & Go." It's a great way to blend overall fitness with the exhilarating discovery of Vermont's finest features — wildlife, wildflowers and scenery that will stop you in your tracks. Cresting at 2,162 feet is spectacular Smugglers' Notch Pass, a notch notorious during Prohibition as a smuggling route from Canada. As part of the Mount Mansfield State Forest, home to some of Vermont's most majestic peaks, this untouched stretch of nature entices your exploring spirit. Discover ancient caverns, traverse well-explored trails, and simply breathe in its unbelievable beauty and spectacular scenery.

All guided walking & hiking programs are included in your SimplySmuggs or Daycation package.
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