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Hiking Stretches

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Hikers stretching

Hiking Stretches

We recommend stretching to minimize the risk of injury

The following stretches are recommended prior to participation in walks, wikes, and hikes and all vigorous activities, such as volleyball, to minimize the risk of injury. Each stretch should be done 4 times for 3-5 seconds.

  • Neck Stretch — Drop your head with your ear toward your right shoulder. Repeat on left side.

  • Neck Rolls — Starting on the right, rotate your head to the side around to the front and to the left. Be careful not to tilt your head backwards which could put a strain on your neck. Repeat in the opposite direction.

  • Arm Circles — Forward and then backward, continue with 3 more sets.

  • Waist Stretch — With arms locked overhead, bend vertically to right side. Repeat on left side.

  • Runner's Stretch — Bend right knee over right foot, while extending left leg behind. Be careful not to extend knee past ankle. Repeat on left side.

  • Sumo Squat — Take a wide stance, bend knees and touch the ground with flat hands. Keeping hands in place shift your body's weight to the right leg, then to the left leg.

  • Hamstring Stretch — Place right foot in front of left, bend forward reaching fingertips towards the ground. Repeat on left side.

  • Quad Stretch — Standing on your left foot, bend your right leg behind you and grasp the front of your right foot, pulling towards your buttocks. To maintain your balance, place your left hand on an object near you or on the ground. Repeat with other leg.

  • Ankle Stretch — Stand on left foot. Lift right leg slightly. Rotate foot at ankle clockwise, then counter clockwise. Repeat with left foot.

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