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Summer Guest Reviews


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Family on tube in Little Smugglers' Lagoon

Smugglers' Notch Resort Summer Guest Reviews

Read our guest comments...

For 20 years we have surveyed our guests and asked them "How Do You Like Us?" We use the survey results to refine our programs, activities and amenities to bring our guests the Best Resort For Family Fun Anywhere!

The internet has evolved to provide instant information about anything and everything, and you can find reviews about Smugglers' on many sites. We decided to share with you what our guests tell us in our surveys. We commit to you to give a balanced, candid report and let you decide.
Doug from North Tonawanda, NY
Stayed 08/30/2020-09/06/2020

"Excellent vacation, great facility, wonderful staff, lots to do, even with covid."

Timila from Vienna, VA
Stayed 08/30/2020-09/04/2020

"Was very pleased to see precautions Smuggs took related to COVID. Free masks, sanitizer, etc for guests; staff wearing masks; reduced number of guests and reductions in number of people at pools, etc."

Alan from E Greenbush, NY
Stayed 08/29/2020-09/05/2020

"We had an awesome time. this is the first time we have come in the summer after many years coming the in winter, but even with the necessary changes due to Covid, Smuggs truly is like coming home again."

Cassandra from Madison, NJ
Stayed 08/26/2020-09/02/2020

"Excellent. I was very anxious about the safety of a vacation during a pandemic. Smuggs is doing a fantastic job of balancing the necessary precautions, and having a wide variety of activities available."

Michele from Belmar, NJ
Stayed 08/23/2020-08/29/2020

"It was a very different summer yet we feel that Smuggs went out of their way to make it the best it could be. We felt safe and cared for and we had a great time. Smuggs did a terrific job in unprecedented times. We were more than satisfied, we were thrilled."

Lyndsay from Schenectady, NY
Stayed 08/22/2020-08/29/2020

"This is our third summer in a row coming to Smugglers' Notch. I'll admit, we had a rough time adjusting to the new "routine" of pre-booking our time for activities. Kids are so unpredictable so it was a challenge to line up pool time with the time that they actually wanted to swim, etc. Once we got the hang of it though, I would say this year was just as good as the other years we have stayed there. We had a great time and have another week of memories together. We had a blast. We were actually hesitant to even come this year due to COVID concerns and knowing that there would be restrictions that might change our experience. I'm so glad we decided to come. This is our favorite place to go with the kids. Smugglers' Notch provides family fun as well as activities for the kids to do on their own. It feels like a home away from home. We can't wait to come back next summer."

Mary Ellen from Valatie, NY
Stayed 08/22/2020-08/29/2020

"We had a wonderful time at Smugglers' Notch. It is an excellent resort with reasonable, cooperative, incredibly helpful staff. The location adjacent to Mt. Mansfield and our "home" was beautiful and that made us happy every time we came back to our unit."

Ryan from Raymond, NH
Stayed 08/20/2020-08/23/2020

"We had a great time and there were still enough activities to keep everyone happy regardless of the COVID restrictions."

Helen from Asheville, NC
Stayed 08/16/2020-08/21/2020

"Great. We really enjoyed our stay and the resort was very nice. It was also reassuring to be somewhere that was dealing with the pandemic in an organized and cautious way."

Kacie from Middletown, CT
Stayed 08/16/2020-08/20/2020

"This was our first trip to Smugglers' Notch...we are already planning our next trip! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the activities that were offered by the resort. The facilities were excellent!! There was such a variety of activities offered, we were never bored and never got to it all! We participated in the Raingutter Regatta, I-did-a-cart and the bingo games. All were very well done and we had lots of fun."

Jacqueline from East Northport, NY
Stayed 08/15/2020-08/22/2020

"Perfect family vacation, social distancing followed but still had plenty of activities and music. We had a great time."

Allie from Glenville, NY
Stayed 08/15/2020-08/20/2020

"We had a wonderful time. Everything was clean and the protocols were awesome. Such a positive experience for our first visit. You guys are really trying to still provide your normal level of activity while still being smart and safe during the pandemic and it really shows. We only played bingo but we had a great time!"

Tim from Contoocook, NH
Stayed 08/14/2020-08/17/2020

"Despite the unprecedented times, Smuggs went beyond our expectations to deliver an extraordinary vacation like all the many years we have stayed before."

Allis from Staten Island, NY
Stayed 08/11/2020-08/15/2020

"Absolutely safe and private! Relaxing but yet adventurous. At first we were extremely annoyed having to sign up for events throughout the resort. But then understood the precautions and the safety measures they had in place were for our well being. It felt like we were in a private island. It was great! The staff disinfected things immediately and were very attentive to our questions and concerns. Due to the pandemic our nation is experiencing, we made the best of our time at Smugglers. Beyond the relaxing atmosphere at and around our condo. Excellent customer service throughout the resort. Although, covid restricted us from taking part in many activities on the resort, we enjoyed the condo comfort so much we stayed an extra night to go hiking, and see the beautiful waterfalls of Vermont. Thank you to the Smugglers' Team."

Robert from Kernersville, NC
Stayed 08/09/2020-08/16/2020

"With all of the covid 19 issues you had to deal with, my family and I were very impressed with our vacation experience at Smuggs."

Donald from Rocky Hill, NJ
Stayed 08/09/2020-08/15/2020

"Our stay at Smugglers' Notch resort was one of our favorite family vacations. The four of us agreed we would love to return."

Kenneth from Groveland, MA
Stayed 08/07/2020-08/10/2020

"The current environment with Covid -19 has us all having to rethink how we go about our lives while striving to provide a lifestyle we have come to expect. The rules and protocols for “best practices” is fluid and changes almost daily. I think the staff at Smugglers’ is doing a very good job at keeping people safe while offering it's guests the level of service expected."

Prudy from Brooklyn, NY
Stayed 08/05/2020-08/08/2020

"I really enjoyed it. The room was lovely. The grounds are beautiful, the staff was great and the pools were clean."

Donna from Holliston, MA
Stayed 08/02/2020-08/09/2020

"Due to Covid of course things were much different but I feel as though everything ran smoothly and you could certainly see the effort that was put into trying to make you feel comfortable etc. Anyone that I spoke with prior to arrival and during stay was awesome. Questions were answered and if they couldn’t answer they would find out who could."

Varinia from Valley Stream, NY
Stayed 08/02/2020-08/06/2020

"It was just what we desperately needed during this time of anxiety and uncertainty!"

Paul from Somerville, NJ
Stayed 08/01/2020-08/08/2020

"It was lovely to come back to Smuggs during this trying time of COVID. We loved the simply life of activities there....you doing your best considering the state of affairs. People being compliant. Or reminding me of simpler times and when we first came up 25 years ago. We had a great, relaxing vacation."

Andres from Natick, MA
Stayed 07/31/2020-08/07/2020

"This was a unique vacation because of the COVID-19 restrictions. This being said, the vacation was wonderful, Smuggs felt very safe and we did not have any issues at all. Smuggs employees went out of their way to be helpful, answer questions, accommodate unique situation and overall assistance to make our vacations as best as possible. Smuggs personnel consistently rank at the top of all the resorts and hotels we've traveled to. They are always helpful, friendly and resolve problems."

Victoria from Downington, PA
Stayed 07/27/2020-08/01/2020

"We LOVED it!!! So much to do!! Unit was amazing. Will absolutely be coming back! My children had tears in their eyes when we got home last night because it was over and it was “the best vacation they ever had”. Every employee/staff member that I interacted with was pleasant and/or informative."

Michael from Vernon, CT
Stayed 07/25/2020-08/01/2020

"Smuggs truly feels like our second home and not just a resort. We look forward to coming back next year!"

Rita from West Chester, PA
Stayed 07/25/2020-08/01/2020

"We had a wonderful time. The Llama trek was a highlight! Each grandson (6 & 10) walked their own, the fun facts learned, walking thru the woods, and enjoying the peacefulness and making special memories with them."

Peter from Tabernacle, NJ
Stayed 07/25/2020-08/01/2020

"Fabulous! In these unprecedented times, Smuggler's went above and beyond to keep us entertained but safe. This was one of the best family vacations we have ever had!"

Robert from Boca Raton, FL
Stayed 07/19/2020-08/15/2020

"We had a great time. Smugglers did a fantastic job under the circumstances to give us a safe and enjoyable experience."

Robert from Branford, CT
Stayed 07/19/2020-07/26/2020

"We had a great time even during the pandemic! We felt safe and still had fun."

Michael from Branchburg, NJ
Stayed 07/19/2020-07/25/2020

"This was our first time traveling to Smuggs in the summer in quite a few years; given the COVID restrictions I think you did a great job of still offering some activities to let us enjoy a "normal" vacation. The outdoor music was great - to be able to sit together and enjoy live music and have some fun was a wonderful change of pace. Thank you for continuing to be a welcoming place for our family and providing to us an opportunity to have a fun family vacation despite all the restrictions! Coming to Smuggs is always like coming home!"

Dan from Glastonbury, CT
Stayed 07/18/2020-07/29/2020

"The shuttle is one of the greatest thing. I love that you can park your car and not worry about having to drive anywhere."

Heather from Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Stayed 07/18/2020-07/25/2020

"It was definitely very different from our usual stay...but overall, it was such a relief to get a change of scenery. Social distancing was on point, we felt very comfortable. Outdoors music was awesome and enjoyable."

Christine from Groton, MA
Stayed 07/17/2020-07/24/2020

"It was relaxing! We were able to do a few things during the week but mostly kept to ourselves and enjoyed our time away from home. Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and made us feel welcome."

Hector from New Britain, CT
Stayed 07/11/2020-07/18/2020

"Fell in love with the area and all the beautiful mountains. The rooms where beautiful, clean and organized."

Annette from Brooklyn, NY
Stayed 07/11/2020-07/18/2020

"My husband and I were very impressed on how Smugglers' handled Covid19 and keeping their vacationers safe while staying at the resort. The Unit was very clean and we felt safe staying there. Although it seemed strange not seeing the amount of vacationers at the resort we felt Smugglers' did an amazing job having restaurants opened and some activities available. Everyone we encountered was very friendly and welcoming."

Cheryl from New Milford, CT
Stayed 07/11/2020-07/18/2020

"We had a very enjoyable time. The resort and room was very clean and well maintained. We felt very comfortable. The resort and staff took every precaution to ensure social distancing and adhere to state standards."

Jen from Cranford, NJ
Stayed 07/11/2020-07/17/2020

"Summer time at Smuggs equals Family Time - relaxing, fun and amazing! The view and landscaping is always spectacular. We were concerned not knowing what to expect because of the pandemic, but we had another awesome summer family tradition. We love Smuggs! It's a family tradition, 23 years and counting. We look forward to share the Smuggs experience with the next generation."

Cori from Barre, VT
Stayed 07/06/2020-07/10/2020

"We really enjoyed it. Each encounter with staff was very friendly. The grounds were beautiful - very well maintained. The suite was clean, well laid out and very roomy for the 9 of us! We never felt like we were cramped or crowded. Four full baths was amazing!! We decided to make several of our meals and the kitchen, pots and pans and fridge space were perfect. We utilized, the hiking trails, disc golf (big hit), mini golf and one of the pools that is part of the Owls building."

Jaime from Springfield, MA
Stayed 07/06/2020-07/10/2020

"I loved the place, a lot of amenities for the kids. Very clean, great place to spend time with the family."

Colleen from Monroe, OH
Stayed 07/05/2020-07/19/2020

"It was a great family vacation. Even though Covid has changed Smuggs this summer we felt safe and there were still things to do. Smuggs is such a great family vacation. It allows our family the quality time together we do not get at home. Smuggs allows us to enjoy each other while at the resort. I can’t say enough great things about Smuggs. We look forward to coming back."

James from Exeter, NH
Stayed 07/05/2020-07/10/2020

"Even with limited activities we all had a great time. Everyone seem to take the pandemic seriously-masks, social distancing, gloves when needed."

Carlos from Yonkers, NY
Stayed 07/04/2020-07/11/2020

"Considering the challenges all states have had, the vacation was excellent. We found entertainment around the complex and made the best of it all."

Kara from Tuckahoe, NY
Stayed 07/04/2020-07/08/2020

"We had a great stay. Love the area, outdoor activities available and no worries about crowding with covid-fearing people."

Telma from Worcester, MA
Stayed 07/03/2020-07/06/2020

"We love it everything. The unit was clean and the resort was amazing."

John from Holliston, MA
Stayed 07/03/2020-07/06/2020

"We had a great time. In spite of the changes caused by the coronavirus, the staff was on top of the new protocols and very friendly/helpful."

Celeste from Brooklyn, NY
Stayed 07/03/2020-07/05/2020

"It was a great place the room was very comfortable. The resort was also very beautiful and well maintained. Our family had a great time at Smugglers' Notch Vermont. We didn't want to leave. The grounds were clean and quiet. We felt that every one sanitized appropriately."

Clive from Woodstock, GA
Stayed 06/28/2020-07/12/2020

"Although a very different experience this year due to Covid 19 we still had a great vacation and found lots to do, in fact we spent more time in the resort than usual ..."

Stephen from Mahopac
Stayed 06/28/2020-07/05/2020

"Perfect. Smugglers' Notch did an outstanding job providing us with a wonderful vacation while still taking precautions to prevent Covid. We did not feel uncomfortable in crowds at anytime and had lots of outdoor activities. The perfect vacation for the summer. Thanks!"

Christopher from Merrick, NY
Stayed 06/28/2020-07/05/2020

"Excellent! The property is well maintained and the staff are super nice. The property is impeccably maintained and the home had everything to make our family comfortable. Smuggs Staff is super helpful and professional."

Brett from Mays Landing, NJ
Stayed 06/28/2020-07/03/2020

"Regardless of what is going on in the outside world, Smugglers' Notch provides a welcome oasis for the duration of your stay where happiness and relaxation are a guarantee despite any circumstance beyond our control. The staff has been obviously chosen according to the overall feeling that Smuggler's is trying to instill in their guests. The courteous and professional staff enhance the vacation experience with their eagerness to provide hospitality and quickly and smoothly answer any and all questions in a timely manner so vacationers can get back to vacationing. Thank you to all the staff at Smuggler's Notch who in these uncertain times gave their guests one important bit of reassurance-no matter what goes on outside the parking lot of the resort, once you check-in you are guaranteed to have the vacation you deserve and desire. This could not be done without the careful attention and obvious pride everyone affiliated with the resort takes in being an integral part in building their guest's vacation memories. From the moment we leave we count the moments until we come back."

Steve from Hamburg, NJ
Stayed 06/27/2020-07/04/2020

"As longtime visitors and vacationers to Smugglers’ Notch, my family and I were vacillating on whether we would embark on our customary summer trip this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the last minute, we decided to maintain our tradition in the midst of these unusual and troubling times. Having recently returned, I wanted to reach out and say that it was the right decision and one I am very glad we made.

While our public health crisis has forced everything to be different, a different Smuggs is still a great place to be – our peaceful little corner of the earth. Safety protocols were observed faithfully and responsibly, making my entire family feel safe. This has to be priority number one at this time. That said, enough events, activities and amenities had successfully reopened to enable us to feel relaxed, entertained, cared for and happy, which is how we have always felt at Smuggs, year after year. Mainstays like Rockin Ron the Friendly Pirate and Goodtime Charlie provided a badly needed measure of comfort and peace at this time. In short, the “Vermont Vibe” and the magic of Smugglers' Notch is fully intact, resilient in the face of our national distress, and for that we are deeply grateful."

Rosemary from Pasadena, MD
Stayed 06/27/2020-07/03/2020

"We absolutely loved the area. The hiking options were amazing."

Sue from West Springfield, MA
Stayed 06/26/2020-07/03/2020

"We had a very good time. We really were looking for some peace and quiet and that is what we received."
Summer 2019 Guest Reviews
Kari from Wallingford, CT
Stayed 08/30/2019-09/02/2019

"We love Smugglers' Notch! We stay in a comfortable room with great friends! Enjoy the nearby hiking and restaurants. Smuggs has the best pools and shuttles/drivers. Everyone is kind and helpful. We had a great time playing laser tag as a family."

Charles from Pattersonville, NY
Stayed 08/30/2019-09/02/2019

"Nice, peaceful and quiet. Enjoyed the beautiful landscape."

Jay from Danvers, MA
Stayed 08/19/2019-08/21/2019

"Blown away with the resort as a whole. There was so much to do. Each of our kids were highly entertained the entire time. We weren't home 24 hours and we are already talking about our next vacation to Smuggs."

Kaz from New York, NY
Stayed 08/18/2019-08/22/2019

"Over the years, we have made so many fond memories during our stays that Smuggs has become an integral and significant part of our family history Thank you!!"

Deborah from Haslett, MI
Stayed 08/14/2019-08/17/2019

"The resort itself was very impressive. Snuggled in the mountains of Vermont, very picturesque. Enjoyed the quiet of the moment. Very beautiful resort nestled in the Vermont mountains. Loads of activities for both young and mature. Wonderful vacation spot!"

Stephen from Wallingford, CT
Stayed 08/13/2019-08/18/2019

"Grandchildren said it was the best vacation they ever had. Kids were very happy with hiking/biking/swimming etc. Wife and I give it a solid A."

Elizabeth from Daytona Beach, FL
Stayed 08/12/2019-08/19/2019

"Pure fun! There was so much to do--swimming, hiking, biking, disk golf. The restaurants were good, and Bootleggers has to be one of the best bars in the country. This was my first trip to Vermont. Think that staying at Smuggs was the best decision for a place to stay."

Dara from Bethesda, MD
Stayed 08/12/2019-08/17/2019

"Smugglers' was a great way to experience Vermont in the summer and a good choice for a multi-family and multi-generation group. Treasures was an invaluable part of our vacation. I was able to do activities with my older kids that I would not have been able to otherwise. I felt totally comfortable with my baby there and we have never used day care so that's saying a lot. The brightwheel app was amazing and helpful in making me feel comfortable leaving my child there. They stuck to his schedule and kept me informed."

Kristina from North Kingstown, RI
Stayed 08/12/2019-08/15/2019

"Loved it. Our accommodations were great, in good shape and a good size. Enjoyed many facilities and activities. We all had a really great time. "It was awesome. And I wish we could go there more." (11- year old daughter) "Loved every moment" (dad, age 48)"

Marilyn from Philadelphia, PA
Stayed 08/11/2019-08/18/2019

"It was close to perfect. My husband and I brought our 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. The grandchildren were ages 8 to almost 16. Everyone had a wonderful time. There were activities for every age group from 8 to 72. The staff was friendly as well as professional. The housekeeping staff deserves a gold star! Even the weather cooperated! We REALLY enjoyed Ben and Jerry's being on sight."

Don from Gladwyne, PA
Stayed 08/11/2019-08/17/2019

"Overall, we had an excellent vacation. We have come for skiing every year but this was our first summer vacation at Smuggs. Thoroughly enjoyed all the summer activities!"

Christina from Park, NY
Stayed 08/11/2019-08/17/2019

"My family and I absolutely loved this vacation. We will be coming back again."

Valerie from Hamden, CT
Stayed 08/09/2019-08/16/2019

"Outstanding! The unit was perfect, both in maintenance, cleanliness and comfort. We loved all of the new hiking trails and we're so impressed with the Bootleggers Basin and expansion of the disc golf. My son absolutely loves the Teen Center. Thank you for the Teen Center. My son really likes meeting kids, seeing them year after year, and the activities. It is so helpful that he can spend the day with the family and has the night, in a safe environment, with his peers! Great outdoor activities, amazing location and beautiful views really fuels family togetherness. There is something for everyone."

Philip from West Caldwell, NJ
Stayed 08/09/2019-08/14/2019

"We had a great time at Smuggs. There were plenty of activities available and the resort wasn't overly crowded. The house was very clean and nicely appointed."

Stacy from Fairfield, CT
Stayed 08/07/2019-08/11/2019

"Smugglers' is a lovely location for spending quality time with your family and not having to worry about the stresses of everyday life. Plenty of activities to take your mind away from the everyday and just enjoy your loved ones."

James from Stuart, FL
Stayed 08/04/2019-08/11/2019

"We had a wonderful time at Smugglers' Notch. The resort is definitely set up well for all ages and all activities."


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