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Corporate Introduction

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"...one of the nation's most exciting family summer resorts." About.com


Smugglers’ Is A Family Vacation Paradise.

What makes Smugglers’ Notch a unique resort is our complete and single-minded commitment to making your stay with us the family vacation of a lifetime! That is our mission. No matter what season you choose, we offer a family experience that is second to none, from the moment you arrive to the moment you have to depart.

Our employees, with Smugglers’ pride, assure the Smugglers’ experience our guests expect, competitively, profitably and with corporate integrity.

Our goal is to continually improve the Smugglers’ guest experience in a way that causes our guests to want to come back and to recommend us to others.

It’s The Children’s Programs!
If you ask parents — and we do all the time — what they like most about Smugglers’ or why many of them come back again and again and recommend us, they’ll tell you all about the convenience, secure feeling and our children’s programs. Ask their kids what they like most and why they ask to return, and they’ll repeat everything their parents just said... and more.

Our programs are unique. They are designed to be a fun experience, a way of meeting new friends and sharing in an environment of learning and adventure that will help children grow. Our dedication to making these programs the best they can be has made us the award-winning leader in family vacations.

Fun For Kids... Freedom For Parents.
Now ask parents what else they like, and invariably they will say they feel terrific about leaving their kids with our counselors while they have a chance to recreate together or just relax and enjoy each other’s company... a real vacation luxury for many. Ask their kids, and they’ll say there’s always something fun to do!

Smugglers’ Is A Community.
You just have to feel it to believe it. Smugglers’ families come to know each other by name very quickly. Parents become close and their kids become playmates and friends. Our guests all have something in common — the goal of enjoying their family in an atmosphere where they feel they belong and where they feel comfortable.

Our Commitment To Community Goes Well Beyond Our Guests.
At the heart of our mission is our internal community — our staff. They are the core of the Smugglers’ family. We are committed to improving our working environment in terms of compensation, career opportunities, safety, fun and corporate integrity to make our employees want to stay and recruit their friends and families.

And our external community. We always strive to be a positive force in our community, to be considered a business with the highest ethics, environmental values and corporate responsibility by our neighbors and our suppliers. In this regard, it is our policy to buy locally whenever a local merchant meets our quality standards and is reasonably competitive in price.

By striving for these values and ensuring a positive guest experience every time, we can more easily achieve another goal... one that will affect you well into the future: To continually improve our return for investors compared to alternatives of similar risk.
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