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FunZone 2.0

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FunZone 2.0 Family Fun Complex

The Next Dimension in Family Fun!

We hope you share in our excitement as we redevelop our FunZone 2.0 facility!

This 26,000 square foot facility is being constructed on the same site as our old FunZone The new facility will double the play space for families by offering two levels of high-energy fun and will engage a broad range of ages with unique entertainment and adventure! The expected opening for the new facility is March 2017!

Here is the design image of the FunZone 2.0's exterior.

Click on the image below to see a larger image of the FunZone 2.0!

Here are some highlights on what will be in the new facility:

A custom built slot car track, racing fun for everyone.

Mountain Rally Races at Smugglers'

The race is on for the arrival of FunZone 2.0, featuring a one-of-a-kind racetrack, right at Smugglers'! Bring out your inner rally racer and challenge all the members of your family to an exciting race! Featuring 3-dimensional topography, multiple lanes, and 1:32 scale cars, racing doesn't get much closer to real life! Who doesn't like a little friendly competition?

We took Smugglers' top rally drivers and paired them with SlotMods Raceways, the best builders in the business, to dream up this very unique experience for your whole family. SlotMods founder, David Beattie, says it best, "We're all about creating racing experiences beyond your expectations." Beattie and the SlotMods team have done just that! This 10 foot by 16 foot track features a full 16 inches of vertical rise from the base of the Village to the top of Madonna!

Starting out with an exhilarating hill climb reminiscent of the Notch Road, you'll soon find yourself zipping around Sterling Mountain, crossing Smugglers' Alley, Drifter, and continuing over to Madonna Liftline. Your next challenge is negotiating the famous hairpin of doom — ease off that throttle here, leadfoot! You'll cross back under Madonna Liftline two more times before climbing again; this time up Morse Mountain! From there, dropping out of the mountains a bit, the scenery changes into an autumn landscape. Watch out! Those leaves on the track can be slippery around the turns. Here, drivers begin seeing the Smugglers' Notch Village coming into frame, but not before first crossing through the sugar woods! Don't get distracted by the smell of sweet maple syrup being boiled in the sugarhouse, you've got a race to win! Keep your focus, you're heading into the home stretch! With lit up buildings, our classic Clock Tower, and more, you might just pass by Mogul Mouse or Billy Bob Bear on your way across the finish line!

After you head back to the condo, you'll find the fun doesn't stop! Hear your kids tell the stories about racing past mom and dad in the home stretch. Siblings can settle deeply embedded rivalries out on this racetrack! You can even bring the grandparents to experience this nostalgic fun, the space is accessible to anyone and everyone!

Smugglers' has invested over 4 million dollars into the FunZone 2.0, a 26,000 square foot, one of a kind, indoor family fun complex geared toward bringing everyone in the family together to make memories. We are proud to feature this custom designed and built SlotMods racetrack as part of this massive new project. With the wide variety of activities spread throughout the various zones in this complex, everyone in the family will want to experience the next dimension of family fun!


• 2000 square foot arcade encompassing more than 30 games from your old favorites to state-of-the-art new additions, Laser Frenzy and a redemption center.

• 4,000 square foot, 2 floor custom themed laser tag arena.

• Visible from anywhere in the facility, a 30 foot double-sided climbing wall located in the center of the facility that climbs through the second floor.

• Two cutting-edge Smuggs Warrior courses for a variety of ages with built-in timing system.

• Smuggs Cafe serving your favorite foods, beer, and wine.

• Second floor fun including many of the FunZone favorites such as mini golf, ping pong, shuffleboard, inflatables and children's creative play area.

• 2 birthday rooms for tons of birthday party fun. Check back soon for birthday party availability starting in April.

Project Status Updates

Nov. 29, 2016 - Interior View
The balance of the main floor slab was placed today. Exterior building trim, and windows are progressing. The elevator shaft will begin this week. Interior work on electrical and mechanical rough in as well as stairs has begun. Interior wall framing will begin next week. We are buttoning up site work for winter stabilization and finish work will continue in the Spring.


Nov. 7, 2016 - Finishing Siding on Building
This week the remaining pieces of the siding are going up.


Oct. 26, 2016 - Siding Going Up
The assembly of the building and 2nd floor structures are in place. Roofing panels have been installed. This week starts the installation of the pre insulated siding panels. Additionally, the parking lot is getting final grade, all underground utilities to the building are complete and roof insulation has begun. Interior utility work has begun as well.

Over the next couple of weeks we should expect to see the completion of the siding, start of installation of windows and doors, completion of roof and final grading around the building.

It's really taking shape as we get the first signs of winter with measureable in the mountains!


Sept. 22, 2016 - The Frame is going up!
The steel team has begun construction of the building frame! As they deftly maneuver each piece to its final position with a crane, the men on the ground or in the air are prepared to quickly attach the bolts to keep it in position. The frame is initially installed "loosely" and then the process of making sure it is 100% plumb and level will take place. We anticipate approximately 2 weeks for the assembly of the entire building frame and 2nd floor structures. The next step will be to install the pre insulated siding panels. This is an extremely exciting step in the process of completing the new FUN ZONE 2.0!!!!


Sept. 14, 2016 - Steel Frame Arrives!
We had 6 tractor trailers arrive off site this morning to deliver the steel frame. One at a time a truck is being brought to the site to be unloaded. Thanks to the crew for planning how to do this with little to no traffic delays in the Village!


August 30, 2016 - Digger Approval
The kids at TREASURES stopped by the viewing area to check out the diggers on site. This is Henry giving us the thumbs-up!


August 12, 2016 - Site Work Continues
Site works continues. The storm water ponds and parking lot drainage structures have been put in place. The building site and parking lot have been prepped to rough grades. Footing excavation is mostly complete and we will begin pouring concrete next week. Getting the concrete ready will continue for the next few weeks along with the running the utilities.

While outside construction continues, marketing has been working on creating an interactive sign to visually explain more about what will be in the FunZone 2.0, work on the internal design, the Cafe menu and the kitchen layout. Elements are being selected for the Smuggs Warrior Course, complete with beginner and advanced lanes with timers for friendly competition.


July 14, 2016 - Preparing the site
Our site work continues at the location for the new FunZone, preparing the area for the construction efforts expected to begin in September. As you can see in the photo, making an appearance this week was a sign from years gone by that helpfully confirms to passersby that yes, the tennis courts that were in this location are indeed closed. Tennis players are continuing to enjoy the courts available in an adjacent location and by the Courtside Pool.


July 5, 2016 - Bubble Down Day
This morning the bubble that was over the original FunZone was taken down and removed. These pictures show the crew at work and a visit from resort managing director Bill Stritzler to see the progress.


June 2016 - Project Announcement
We are in the process of building a bigger and better indoor family play area to replace our FunZone! The new FunZone is being constructed this Summer and Fall on the same site as the old FunZone, which has been dismantled. Therefore, the FunZone is not available for use.

The new facility will double the play space for families by offering two levels of high-energy fun and will engage a broad range of ages with unique entertainment, adventure, and challenge encompassing 26,000 square feet! The old FunZone set the bar for resort family fun when it was unveiled as a flagship family play center in 1999. We're setting the bar even higher with our new FunZone, a premiere facility for families to engage, play, and laugh together.

During the build phase this Summer, you can enjoy watching the action from a viewing platform near the Courtside Pool. Nearby Summer activities such as mini-golf, tennis, the Morse Mining Center, and giant chess game will remain available for guests to enjoy. We certainly appreciate your patience while we reconstruct this area for your future enjoyment. This exciting project is currently underway and construction will continue through mid Winter.

We hope you share in our excitement as we redevelop our FunZone facility! The expected opening for the new facility is mid Winter 2017.

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