New Smuggs Family Member

Brian and I on the Village Lift

I would like you to meet Brian, who is from Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. Brian has been skiing for 25 years in Pennsylvania and New York. This is Brian’s first time here at Smuggs. He is here as a chaperone for a high school group that has been here since Thursday night. Brian was telling me how much fun they have been having at Smuggs. Brian said that his favorite part about skiing at Smuggs is the nice long intermediate runs. He told me, for his last run of the day he skied from the top of Madonna back to the Village yesterday. He skied Upper Chilcoot, Ruthie’s, Curley’s Cutback, and Meadowlark. He told me that “It was the perfect way to end the day!” Brian and his group are leaving to head back to Pennsylvania today, but not before Brian gets a few more runs in this morning! It was great to meet you Brian and I hope you enjoy the last couple of runs before the bus ride home.

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Hugh Johnson

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