Time to get FLAKEY!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. With COVID-19, there are some new procedures on the mountain like the ghost lines at the lift corrals and only riding up with the people in your arrival party. But… there are more things that are the same. There’s seeing familiar faces of friends and co-workers like Larry, Dara & Darrell (OK, Darrell is there for comedic effect). There’s a sense of joyful anticipation in Parking Lot 1. And even if it’s not another beautiful day, there’s the unmatched thrill of skiing or riding down the mountain! You know the saying “the worst day of skiing is better than the best day in the office.” It’s time to get FLAKEY!

This snowman says “with snow and snowmaking in the near future, it’s time to get FLAKEY!”
Lower Exhibition as viewed from the Sterling Lift.
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Rockin' Ron

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