Doc’s Orders: Sun & Snow

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I had an appointment at Doc Dempsey’s Office today. The check-up was good. Little scratchy up high, but as Chase from Patrol quoted in regards to skis and snowboards on these conditions, “they’re not jewels, they’re tools.” At midday it felt like a heatwave, even Charles at M1 had his sleeves rolled up. I had a nice Black Bear lunchtime chat with Jammin’ Sam (Acoustic Duo, Trio, and Smuggs House Band) and long-time Smuggler Brett. Anywho, I was prescribed Sun & Snow and told to not get in the backseat when hitting the moguls. Hey, I feel better already.

STOP… in the name of Smuggs! On the iconic Doc Dempsey’s trail famous for its contours and road signs.
To quote my friend Hugh Johnson “it’s another beautiful day at Smuggs.”
Sunshine helps the Garden Path grow.
Captain Ahab…. I spy a snowmaking whale on lower Upper FIS!
The Smuggs House Band performs Thursdays at 8:30 pm in the Meeting House. Register at smuggs.com/bookfun. Featuring Classic Rock, some Country, and even a little Hip Hop.
L to R: Rudy Dauth, Travis LeBlanc, Jammin’ Sam Averbuck, Chris “Fingers” Doncaster, and the legendary Goodtime Charlie Rice.
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