Family + Friends = Smuggs FUN!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Having been at the Smuggs for 24 years, I’m bound to run into people I know. After a run on Snow Snake, I skied to the Upper Mountains. While heading to MI, I exchanged Snow Report Intel with Duncan and Cathe from Patrol. Around noon, I stepped into the Black Bear for lunch. In walked local skier Dan L who informed me that he’s gotten over 90 days on the Smuggs slopes this season. Outside I spied Snow Sport Instructor (and past Spirit of the Mountain Award recipient) Princess Pam wearing a Hawaiin Lei, which made sense when I saw long-time Smuggs Guest Leila and her sister Ella arrive with their instructors Isaiah and Gillian. Then I met up with another long-time Smuggler, Fire Chief Ed, to take a run on Madonna Mtn. At the top of the lift, we greeted Patroler Arch shooting the breeze with Instructors Gary and Sherm. I dare you to name another Resort where you see that many people you know. Family + Friends = Smuggs FUN!

L to R: Princess Pam, Leila, Isaiah, Ella, Gillian.
Ed takes a moment of reflection on Lower Chilcoot.
The beginning of Snow Snake with a view of Sterling Mountain through the trees. If you look closely, you can even see the top of Mt Mansfield.
As viewed from the MI Lift, the intersection of Upper Chilcoot and Waterfall make a snowy wishbone. Don’t you wish you were here?!
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Rockin' Ron

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