Snow Snake Black Snake


RRtFP Ayla

Snowboarder with a tutu and Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate (aka the author).

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Today wasn’t so pretty but it wasn’t ugly either. Clouds were threatening but they didn’t drop any clear snow. The conditions on Morse were quite enjoyable – Snow Snake was carv-a-licious! It was nice to see groups of Cambridge Elementary School 4th Graders enjoying Winter Wellness lessons.



39 trails, totaling close to 146 acres, are to be groomed for Wednesday. I suggest staying on the groomers – there will plenty of them. BTW – shout out to the Mtn Ops and Grooming crew!

From Snow Snake looking towards Black Snake

From Snow Snake looking towards Black Snake and Practice Slope.

Pirate skiis

Pirate’s Ski gear. Thanks to Eli from Patrol for helping me score these skis.



Swirling Sterling

Sterling Swrirling

Black Snake, Snake Bite and Practice Slope as viewed from Midway.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Snow was swirling all around Sterling. The lift was turning and the wind was churning. Should I give up blogging and go back to logging?

Hey… I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK.


For Wednesday we plan to have 6 lifts operating including Madonna I and 78 of 78 trails open. 37 trails/142 acres to be groomed including Smugglers’ Alley.


Base Lodge sign

Point me to FUN!


24″ in the past 5 days with another 2-5″ expected overnight. Can you say POWDER?!



Sunshine. Scenery. Smiles.


Black Bear deck

Lunch on the Black Bear Patio with the Cohens. Barry is a big fan of the Hot Chocolate and Anna and Jade like the Chipotle Tomato soup.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I spent day 2 skiing with my friends the Cohens from Philadelphia, PA. I met them 15 years ago during their summer week at Smuggs. Then we skied together when they came up the following winter and just about every winter since. We’ve also enjoyed Smuggs events together like the Top of Notch Snowshoe Dinner, Marko’s Magic Shows, and Goodtime Charlie shows. They are proud long-time Smugglers. On my way to meet them I saw another long-time Smuggler, Anna Willis. In the past 8 years, she’s worked in several departments.


Jade is all smiles as she gets ready to ski Smugglers’ Alley and then Poachers Woods.

Jade Poachers 1

Jade is picking her lines in Poachers Woods. This was our trail pick today.


Long-time Smuggler Anna Willis has worked at Treasures Child Care, the Country Store, and now she’s a LIFTIE! Not only that, she’s been skiing and riding here for 15 years (that’s over two thirds of her life).


Clear and Cold

Clear and cold

Good Morning from Morse Mountain!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Weather… we’ve had it. 27 inches of POW in the past 5 days and some “nippy” temps too. Temps will be rising throughout the day but the sun may go into hiding. I had a great run on Pirate’s Plank yesterday and I highly recommend any gladed trail for your skiing and riding enjoyment.



Whales and Winter Wellness

Whales Lower FIS

Snowmaking whales on Lower FIS. It may be hard to see in this picture, but the whales go all the way up the trail.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh.  Speaking this morning to Stew from Patrol, he recommended Shuttle as a trail pick. I’m glad he did – it was groomed and great! After the steep compression at the beginning, it turns into roller coaster hills – heck yeah!

I also enjoyed Catwalk and Goat Path. When I take those trails I feel like I’m on a Hot Wheels track with lots of hairpin and banked turns. No loopy loops though, that’s probably for the best.

I would’ve wailed on the whales on Lower FIS if it was open. It’s temporarily closed so the moisture can leach out of those snowmaking whales. Lower “Fizz” is also home to the Flowground Terrain Park. Soon, we’ll all be able to go with the flow.

CAR Rental

CAR at 3ME. Pictured in the back are 4 Cambridge Area Rotarians (3 of whom who have been employed by the Resort). They helped the kids with their gear at 3 Mountain Equipment.

All this week there’s Winter Wellness. Cambridge Area Rotary sponsors this program which gives every 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from Cambridge Elementary School the opportunity to learn to ski or ride at Smuggs. There are many benefits to the program and ones like it – kids learn an athletic skill, they have the opportunity to appreciate nature, and they get some fresh air.


6 lifts including Madonna I are operating and 75 trails are open.



M1 Lift SNOW

Upper Madonna Liftline is blanketed in snow. We don’t make snow there – so it’s all NATCH!


35 inches in the past week and more is on the way towards the end of this week.




Wreathed in Snow

Wreathed in Snow

The Village Lift is wreathed in snow. You can also see light snow falling.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh.


75 trails open today. Lower FIS and Norwegian Woods are currently closed for snowmaking. Actually the snow is already made, but the moisture needs to leach out. This will produce a much nicer product. These trails will re-open in the near future. Lower FIS is the site of the Flowground Terrain Park.


35 inches in the past week and it is snowing lightly as we speak. Snow is in the forecast for later this week and into the weekend.

Ski Mag sign

#1 in the East according to the Readers of Ski Magazine! The second year in a row!! The third time in 5 years!!!

Womens program sign

One of many Programs offered by SSU.


Need a Lift

Hey Buddy, need a lift? You’ve come to the right place.


SNOW! Enjoy the FRESH!!

snowRockin’ Ron for Hugh. 6 inches of new snow overnight and 22 inches in the past week and it’s still snowing!!! 100% of trails on Madonna OPEN! I didn’t go far to get this photo, just outside the office actually. I know Hugh will post some great action shots from Madonna and Sterling later today. I can’t wait to see those. Enjoy the FRESH!!


Freefall, Waterfall, Snowfall

Waterfall Freefall

Freefall as viewed from Waterfall

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. At midday, Madonna I came off wind hold, so I had to grab me some runs up there. My last run was from the top of the mountain back to the Village, like so: Upper Chilcoot > Mulcahy’s Link > Ruthies > Curley’s > Meadowlark. That’s 2,164 feet of vertical and 3 miles of trails, if you’re counting.

I had to stop and see some of my friends in Reservations aka Reso. They are one of the behind-the-scenes departments that keep the Resort going.


4″ new snow in the past 24 hours and 16″ in the past week. Snow is in the forecast for most of the week, and I hear that there is an “Upslope” Snow Event that we are well situated for. I’m not sure what that means other than we could get pounded with more snow!


Some of our Reso staff, L to R: Amanda, Kendall, Max, and Kristy. If you booked your trip on the phone, you may have spoke to one of them.


For Wednesday, we plan to have 6 lifts operating including Madonna I, and 71 trails open. 29 trails/118 acres are scheduled to be groomed for tomorrow.