Tower 10 on April 10


tower 10

Tower 10 on April 10.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s the 10th of April and we’re still goin’ strong, with excellent snow coverage. The Sterling Lift is operating and servicing 22 trails. This weekend, in addition to Sterling, the Madonna I Lift will be operating and we should have close to 40 trails.

Let me give you thel 4-11 on 4-10… it’s Ben & Jerry’s FREE CONE DAY. Our Scoop Shop located in the Village Lodge, will be open till 8 pm tonight serving free cones. Mm, mm, mm!!!

free cone

Don’t miss FREE CONE DAY!


You never know Hugh you’ll see

Randy and Crew

Becky, Warren (Hugh Impersonator), Shirley, Randy with a y and not an i.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. As I skied around the mountain, I kept seeing this guy in a familiar Helly Hansen jacket. I yelled “Hey Hugh” but he didn’t answer. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who was confused, several Lifties and Instructors had the same reaction. I finally met the mystery man and his name is Warren. He was skiing with his partner Shirley and long time Smugglers Randy and Becky. Randy told me about some bear tracks he saw under the Sterling Lift and some rabbit tracks under the Madonna Lift. I saw hide nor hare of either.

On the skiing front, I enjoyed runs on Upper Drifter and the Flowground. On the events front, we have some BIG DOINGS on Saturday with Pond Skimming, Chillin’ & Grillin’ Tail Gate Party and some others in and around the Resort! That leaves me on the back end of this Blog… ski ya later!

Sterling Mtn viewd from Upper Drifter

Sterling Mtn as viewed from Upper Drifter on Madonna Mtn.


Ski Tips

Tips for skiing: 1) ski early, and 2) ski often.


Tutu Tuesday

Dara Tutu
Rockin’ Ron for Hugh.
100% of our trails are open! Today’s forecast is sunny to partly sunny skies with temps of 34-47 degrees. So, it will be a great day for some spring skiing and riding, if you’re wearing a tutu, a kilt, or just unadorned snow pants.

Daniel Tutututu












Ripping down Upper Chilcoot! L to R: Johann, Carl, Clara, und Hans.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Things are looking SWEET on the slopes – we are 100% OPEN!  I met up with my friends Hans, Clara, Johann, and Carl from Germany. They’ve been coming to the Resort for 11 years. Hans told me the kids have been through all the stages from Treasures to Notch Squad. The kids have also made many friends over the years. Before we met up with them, Hans and I tried out some of the black diamond trails that were groomed for today (Shuttle, Bootlegger, and Upper Pipeline) and they were all awesome! When Johann and Clara finished their lesson with Matt, and Carl finished his with Dara, the five of us went on a quest to the Shire and Bermuda. I have to tell you people, there’s plenty of powder out there.




In addition to the conditions, we have a SWEET weekend coming up with the Maple Open House Weekend!


Carl and Clara in Bermuda – not short on snow!

P.S. Lennie loves you and says “Keep Skiing”.

P.P.S. Hans says “Ich bin ein Vermonter”


Snow piled high

snow pile

View of a snow wall from 3 Mountain Equipment

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. We’ve got so much snow, we don’t know where to put it! 44 inches in the past week and 70 inches total in the past two weeks!! This means 100% of our trails are open. The Groomers and Village Services have been busy moving the snow around. Note to Experts – Bootleggers was groomed/winched for today’s skiing and riding pleasure.


Monster Storm!

Clarkes Madonna tree

Monster Face in a tree on top of Madonna Mtn, in a white out. L to R: Marie, Eire, Eireann.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. There’s lots of forecasts, prognostications, and Nostradamifications out there, but I’m going with 2 to 3 feet of new snow by Thursday! I got to take epic runs today with my Toronto friends Eire, Erieann, and Marie. The snow was creamy and dreamy and falling steadily. Upper FIS was soft moguls with plenty o’ pow and Playground was carvin-a-licious. Shout out to Rena from Patrol for some advice on ski bindings.



Billy Bob Bear surveys his kingdom


Photo by Jayden Lepsic and Jared Salls.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. On top of old Smokey? No, we’re not talking about the Smokey Mountains or Smokey the Bear, we’re talking the Green Mountains and Billy Bob Bear. Our favorite bear ventured to the top of Madonna Mountain for the first time! He finally got to experience how much fun it can be to ski Upper Chilcoot. Normally he’d be hiber-napping (he’s so busy with all the parties with all the families that he doesn’t have time to do full-on hibernation).





Photo by Jared Salls and Jayden Lepsic

After Town Meeting, I also skied Upper Chilcoot, hair pinning onto Catwalk to Lower Catwalk (sorry Mogul Mouse, I know you don’t like those “Cat” trails), to the adrenaline rush that is Shuttle, making a mellow completion of that run on Lower Rumrunner – with a little Rumrunner Variation for good measure. I finished the day with the nearly 3 mile run of Upper Chilcoot > Catwalk > Upper FIS > Lower Doc’s > Ruthies > Curley’s Cutback > Meadowlark. Back at the Snow Report Office, I now compose run-on sentences for your pleasure – HAHA!




First Chair… I’m there!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. first chairWoo-hoo, this lucky rider snagged first chair in the Village! With a forecast of sunny skies and temps of 25-34 degrees fahrenheit, lots of folks will be snagging chairs and cruising slopes. 64 of our 78 trails are open today and 5-8 inches of snow is in the forecast for Wednesday night into Thursday! It’s good news all around.


Black Snake

Black Snake sign 2

Black and Blues

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I remember my first day skiing on the Black Snake trail. I marveled at its roller coaster hills and unexpected turns. Most of all I remember Harley, Jodi, and Sarah speeding down it on their snowboards and whooping with pure joy. But I always wondered why Black Snake was designated a blue intermediate. I asked around but nobody seemed to know. What I did find out is that Black Snake was the name of a smuggling ship on Lake Champlain in the early 1800s (when the Notch became known as Smugglers’ Notch). This of course fits with Smugglers/Bootleggers/Rumrunners theme. I was inspired to write a song about this notorious vessel and it is on my third Friendly Pirate album The Flying Pirate Circus. If you like history, take a listen to Black Snake Tale.

Me on skis

Sarah Thomas of Marketing/Sales caught me traversing between the Madonna and Sterling Lifts. She called me a Bluebird.