Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. We started out with 29 trails this morning and that count fluctuated as conditions softened and nearly all the trails on Madonna and Sterling Mountains opened, for a total of 62. I hate to be Debbie Downer or Donnie Darko, but that trail count will again fluctuate, due to the expected freezing rain and wintry mix tonight and into Wednesday. You definitely want to check back for updates. The word of the day – Fluctuations.

Exhibiting on Upper Exhibition.
View of Rumrunners’ Hideaway, the Village, and the valley beyond, from Thomke’s Express.

The Mother and Another

Rockin’ Ron Hugh. The Madonna I and the Sterling Lifts will be operating today and 29 trails will be open. We have intermediate and expert terrain available. We also have lots of snow on those upper mountains, so come out and enjoy it! The last day of operations for the Winter 2022-2023 season is this Sunday, April 9th. Bring your Mother and another.

Madonna and Sterling Mountains.

55+, plus more…

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. To paraphrase Mr. Rogers, “It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” With 71 trails open it was hard to decide what to ski first, but I really enjoyed my “double compression” run of Upper Drifter to Shuttle – that put the wind in me sails. I got to hang out with the 55+ Club, a group of 90 members who are “on the hill, not over the hill.” Club President Liam Kearney invited me to their regular Wednesday breakfast get-together, and to their season-ending lunch and awards ceremony. They’re just like kids with a few wrinkles and gray hair – age is just a number. Then I saw the usual assortment of characters in my travels. I hope your day was on the plus side!

The Legendary Peter Ingvoldstad, former Director of SSU, former Lamoille Union School Board Member, sometime Hulk Hogan Impersonator, Current President of Cambridge Area Rotary, AND… recently-elected Town of Cambridge Select Board Member. He’s a Mensch.
Rusty – one of three Snowboarding Patrollers. He works at our Disc Golf Courses for the rest of the year.
Deborah Pomeroy with 55+ Club President Liam Kearney handing out awards and prizes at the season-end lunch soiree.
Charles – Madonna I mainstay and Reggae Musician, gets ’em loaded.
55+ Club Members Dottie, Charlie, and Bill – ON THE HILL! This is their silly pose.
A Groomer is being winched, to get the pond built for Saturday’s Pond Skimming. Thanks for the photo, Mark Delaney.
Riding the Lift into the Sun.
More 55+ Members – Cindy and friend.

In the Groove

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s March 29th and we have 72 trails open! 4 lifts will be operating, including Madonna I. 28 trails, totaling 119 acres, have been groomed. It’s Pond Skimming (12-2p) this Saturday, April 1st – no joking!! AND… this weekend’s Apres Sports Party Beer Special at the Black Bear Tavern and Bootleggers’ Lounge is Zero Gravity. We’re still in the groove – hope you are too.

Freshly groomed terrain.
The view from the Gazebo in the Village.


Faces and Places (but I missed the Races)

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. We are totally lovin’ having 100% of our trails open! Hangman’s Drop dropped off the open list in the morning, but re-opened later in the day, as did Freefall from the top. While taking a run through 3 Mountain Glades, with Seth “Carv-ison” from the Activities Department, I lost my phone. Luckily, with a revisit to a certain tree stump, I found it! By then it was time for lunch at the Black Bear Tavern – cheese fries with veggie chili! Apres food, traversing from Madonna to Sterling, I saw the famous, fur-hatted skier Steve and his buddy John on Drifter. We had a nice chat about local history. I wanted to get photos of the Women’s FIS Race on Black Snake, but one of the racers told me I was too late. Some other faces I saw belonged to Angie, Mike, George, Anne, Rachel, Oliver, Sherm, Molly, and Brandon.

Longtime Passholder, former liftie, and Smuggs fixture Steve and his friend John on Drifter. Face it, John, your hat is not as cool as Steve’s.
A Mount Mansfield Academy FIS Racer.
Seth coming out of Red Fox Glades onto Madonna Liftline.
Festively delivered advice on where to put your Season Pass or Lift Ticket.
Seth on Drifter with me and my shadow.

Fresh Freshies!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. 6 glorious inches of new snow on top of Madonna in the past 24 hours, and it’s still snowing! We are 100% OPEN – 78 of 78 trails!! Welcome to all of our Canadian Guests on their Spring Break Week. Enjoy the fresh freshies (I’m from the Repetitive School of Redundancy College).

Fresh snow on the trees, from early this morning.

Friends, Family, Falling Snow… FUN!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. They’re friends, they’re family, they’re here, and they’re having fun!! You’d have fun too if you were here after a week that saw 25 inches of new snow and 76 of 78 trails open. From the tippy top of Madonna Mountain to the highlights of Morse Highlands, it was awesome today. BTW – who is Dog Dempsey?

Who you lookin’ at with a face like that?! Jacob, Haylee, Anna, and Barry having fun on Madonna Mtn.
Haylee navigates through the tropics of Bermuda glades.
Anna’s custom skis. Do you recognize that mountain?
What did one snowperson say to the other snowperson? “Do you smell carrots?”

Snow Sports Time!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. 20 inches of snow in the past week and another 2″-4″ is forecasted for today! 77 of 78 trails are open. A family from Philly, that I’ve known for years, will be skiing the black diamonds and glades on Madonna and Sterling. A family from Long Island, that I met yesterday, will be skiing for the very first time on Sir Henry’s. I think they will all have fun, after all, it’s Snow Sports Time.

Larry Arnold – one of the Legendary Instructors of Snow Sport University – getting ready for today’s class of kids.

Skiers’ and Riders’ Buffet

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. With 5 inches of powder in the past 24 hours, 23 inches in the past week, and 77 of 78 trails open – it’s a Skiers and Riders buffet! Today we’ll have 6 Lifts operating including Madonna I. See U on the slopes.

Skiers’ and Riders’ SNOW Buffet!
What’s up, Madonna Mountain?