Sunshine Surprise

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The forecast said increasing clouds… well, they didn’t increase. It was a Sunshine Surprise Day. The 22 groomed trails were skiing great, and some natural snow trails opened around midday! Tomorrow, the Madonna I Lift is back online, which will bring our trail count to 30. All 30 trails will be groomed. SNOW ALERT: 8-18 inches forecasted for Wednesday into Thursday night! Ski U soon.

It was a nice surprise and my good “fortune” to ride the lift and take some runs with my friend and long-time Smuggler, Mike, from New Jersey. His 3 girls all learned to ski here! This is not his family’s normal week – they’re here through Monday for the Solar Eclipse.
Charles (of Madonna I Lift fame), Pippa, and Nilu make a “foray” on skis on Morse Mountain.
Christina aka “Eena” and Discovery Camp kids celebrate Tutu Tuesday.
“Can’t see the trails for the trees.” Sterling Mountain as viewed from Snow Snake on Morse Mountain.

For 4-2-24

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. For today, Tuesday, April 2, 2024, we plan to have 22 trails open with terrain for all abilities. 3 lifts will be operating, including Sterling, Mogul Mouse’s Magic, and Sir Henry’s Glider. More trails may open as they soften. The Madonna I Lift will reopen for the rest of the week on Wednesday. 22 trails have been groomed – totaling 80 acres of white corduroy. Ski U soon.

Grooming Lower Morse Liftline and Meadowlark, with a “Moon” Chair above.

Sunshine and Spring Snow

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The increasing cloud forecast was not quite accurate for the middle of the day. It was blue skies, sun, and spring snow. Met up with friend and fellow Activities staffer Seth “Carv-ison” Crevison to take some runs. Our first trail pick was Shuttle because it was groomed. We got there via Lower Catwalk. It was a bit of work considering the “grabby” surfaces. The word of the day was “wax.” Anywho, we had fun and a nice lunch on the Black Bear patio. Tomorrow, we should have 70+ trails open, and the forecast is showers and breezy with highs near 50 degrees fahrenheit. Wear the appropriate gear. Ski U soon.

Seth carves it up on Catwalk.
Taking a break at the Crossroads.

Your Destination

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Today’s plan: 6 lifts operating – including Madonna I, and 75 trails open with terrain for all abilities. 34 trails have been groomed including Snow Snake, Thomke’s Express, and skiers’ right on Upper FIS. The forecast is increasing clouds and highs of 45 degrees at the base and top. If I were to tell you your destination… it would be here. Ski U soon.

Madonna Mountain straight ahead.

More Snow. More Trails.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. 100% of the trails on Madonna and Sterling Mountains were open today, and all but three on Morse, making a grand total of 75 of 78 trails!! 6″ of new snow overnight and 20″ in the past 5 days will do that. Tomorrow, we expect a similar trail count. I enjoyed runs on Upper Chilcoot, Goat Path, and Lower FIS with the Allman Brothers’ Blue Sky in the earbuds.

NOTE: Uphill access on Morse will be closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights due to snowmaking.

All of these trails were open today!
Lower Doc’s. Photo by Seth Crevison.

6 inches of new SNOW overnight!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. That’s right, it’s March 19th, and we have more snow! We plan to have top-to-bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 6 lifts operating, including Madonna I. Last night’s projection for open trails was 55, but that count should go up with the fresh snow. 35 trails groomed, totaling 139 acres. Ski U soon.

Welcome to more Winter!

The Doctor will see you now

Rockin’ for Hugh. With 21″ of new SNOW in the past 3 days, 74 trails open, bluebird skies, and skiing with dear friends, the only prescription I wanted was a run on Doc Dempsey’s from the top! Talk about Doctor Feelgood; Doc’s was loaded with fresh POW! I skied it with my friend and long-time Smuggler Barry from Philly. Barry and I also took runs with his wife Anna, daughter Haylee, son-in-law Jacob, and their Burlington, VT friends Jamie and Patrick.

Conditions tomorrow look quite similar, with mostly sunny skies and high temps in the mid-40s. We plan to have 6 lifts operating (including Madonna I), 74 trails open, and 139 acres of freshly groomed terrain. If I were you, I’d be here tomorrow. Ski U soon.

Barry on Doc Dempsey’s aka Doc’s.
Unknown Skier on Docs.
STOP… in the name of POW!
Today’s Blogger Rockin’ Ron on Docs. Photo by Barry Cohen.
Jacob, Haylee, and Anna getting excited to ski on Madonna Mountain!

21″ New SNOW past 3 days!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s a good day for me to be a Snow Reporter. It’s a better day for the real Snow Reporter Hugh Johnson to have the day off to… SKI! As the headline says 21 inches of new snow in the past 3 days. Today’s forecast is sunny and breezy, with highs of 38 degrees at the base and 32 on top. We have top-to-bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 7 lifts operating, including Madonna I. We have 74 trails open. Ski U soon.

… can’t see the trees for the SNOW!


Friendly Waves

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Wednesday’s forecast is rain with highs of 46 degrees at the base and 43 on top. Wear your weatherproof gear. We plan to have 32 trails open with terrain for all abilities and 5 lifts operating. Due to weather concerns, no Madonna lifts will be operating. 19 trails will be groomed, including Black Snake and Snow Snake. That’s all I got. Ski U soon.

Snow Sport University Instructors wave hello on their way to work.

Morse Mountain Morning

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Here’s the down low for up high on Town Meeting Day. For today, we plan to have top-to-bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains, with 6 lifts operating, including Madonna I, and 35 trails open. The forecast is windy, then rainy, with highs of 47 degrees at the base and 42 on top. Good Morning from Morse Mountain!